Kerry's Favorite Interior

Today for "Favorite Interior Tuesday's" we have my dear friend Kerry from First Time Fancy!  Kerry has a real job by day, and she is a blogger extraordinaire by night.  She originally started her blog to follow her adventures of a first time home owner while she renovates and decorates her darling home by the lake.  And now, like all of us do, she blogs about all that inspires her - which I love!  My favorite part of Kerry's blog is her series called "Perfectly Imperfect" where guest bloggers show their imperfections, which is great, because I'm sure we all come across being way too perfect online - I love the realness of it!  Anyway, I could go on forever about Kerry and how wonderful she is, but let's get down to business and see one of her favorite interiors, shall we?

Hi everyone! Kerry here from First Time Fancy, excited to share my favorite interior with all of Staci's readers! I was so thrilled when Staci asked me to participate in this series. It's always great to see what spaces are loved by and inspire other bloggers.

My favorite interior comes from the Mother Daughter team from m. elle design. It's a gorgeous Mountain Home that I discovered on desire to inspire back in the beginning of June, that I immediately saved away to my inspiration folder...


What I love most about this home is how neutral the whole palette is. Though I do love colour, I find neutrals in a home to be fresh and relaxing. I love the use of greys, whites and beiges throughout the whole home, I think the contrast is refreshing and cozy all at the same time! I'm also a huge fan of the use of natural elements - the old wood and stone just fit perfectly with this gorgeous mountain getaway. Overall, I really just love the simplicity of the whole home. I'd love to be hiding away here for the winter months!

Thanks again Staci for asking me to guest post today!

I too love, love, love this place and I posted about it HERE way back in the summer!  Great minds think alike.  Thanks so much to Kerry for sharing this perfect interior with us today, it was delightful!  Be sure to visit First Time Fancy for a bit more of Kerry - you will be pleased you did!

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  1. Staci so many sweet words... I'm blushing over here! haha But really thanks again for asking me to take part in this great series and for all of the kind things you said! :)

  2. This is such a beautiful home. I wish I had a home just like it on the shore of a quiet, secluded lake where I could escape from the real world :-)

  3. That is a beautiful home, ladies! So restful, perfect for this time of year.

  4. Great guest post Kerry- beautiful, warm and inviting home- lovely pic!

  5. oh, i remember seeing this one --- would be lovely as a 2nd home :)

  6. Goodness, what a pretty interior. I agree with Kerry-- neutrals are refreshing! I love Kerry and I sure love this space, too!


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