Happy Weekend

"I have always been delighted with the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a
 bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." - J. B. Priestley

What a great quote, and it ties in with me being pretty delighted with the start of my 30's!  So far it has been the perfect birthday week, I have completed my 30 Before 30 List, had delicious Birthday Cake and spent some time with Sarah Richardson & Tommy Smythe.  And the week just keeps getting better... This weekend I will be staying downtown Toronto with Adam {who is the perfect partner, and I appreciate how special he has made my birthday even though he has been so very busy with work - Thanks Lover!} to do a little shopping, and have a night out to celebrate with our closest friends - I cannot wait, there are sure to be a few magical moments over the weekend. Thanks to all of you for the very sweet birthday wishes, much appreciated, and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  
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  1. What an adorable photo! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and thought I would say hello! I looked through a few of your posts and love your style.

    I'm a blogger as well, about the world of art, but my history is in interior design and fashion. I love to hear what people are saying! Hope we get to see more of each other in the future.


  2. You so deserve a week of fabulous!! Have a wonderful time downtown lady! xo

  3. Have fun!
    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  4. enjoy the weekend birthday girl!

  5. Great quote, great picture, and hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  6. hope you had a magical weekend...you deserved one! xoxo {av}


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