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Today one of my favorite ladies is joining us to share her favorite interior, Kelly from JAX Does Design {you may know her from her previous blog, Design Ties}.  Kelly is a very talented Decorator and Writer, not to mention a little bit famous - She has appeared on HGTV, won the Home Office category in a Design Trade competition {if you have not seen her office be sure to check it out HERE, it is amazing} and she is a contributer to Kimberley Seldon's magazine Dabble {which will be launching in the new year}.  And my favorite thing about Kelly is that she is super sweet, when I was a blogger newbie she was the first one to add me to her blog roll and welcome me to the bloggerverse with open arms, which I still appreciate very much - thanks again Kelly!  Okay, enough with the soft stuff, let's get to the good stuff, here is Kelly with her favorite interior...

Thank you Staci for asking me to participate in your fun new feature :-) I've been enjoying reading about everyone's picks for their favourite interiors, and I'm excited to share one of my favourite interiors with you and your readers :-)

If you read my blog, you know that I love colour :-) Purple is my favourite colour, with turquoise and bright green not far behind. The bolder and brighter, the better! So it may come as a surprise that I'm so drawn to a beautiful home that's almost entirely black, white, and grey. 

Bree Oliver is an interior designer, stylist, and blogger living in Paddington, Australia. She posts the most beautiful and inspirational pictures on her blog, A Paddington Perspective. She's shared pictures of her beautiful home on her blog, and has been featured in Australia's Home Beautiful magazine. In fact, her living room made the cover! 

With beautiful ironwork like this on the outside of her home…

You know that the inside is going to be pretty special! Let's step inside Bree’s home and see what's waiting for us inside... 

Bree has used an achromatic palette to decorate her house – black, white, grey, and silver, with the occasional pop of colour from flowers, plants, and cushions. I LOVE everything about this first space, which I’m guessing is a hallway. The black cabinets, the chandelier, the dark flooring, the zebra rug (hope it’s faux!), and the oversized wall clock… YUM! And check out the amazing crown moulding and what looks to be an atrium on the left. I’d LOVE to have a house with an atrium.

The kitchen is light, bright, and white. The Ghost chairs seem to just float in the space. And did you notice the mirrored backsplash? Oooh-la-la, sexy!

One word for the master bedroom. Well, come to think of it, it’s one word that describes the entire home – GLAM! Another fab chandelier, beautiful mirrored built-ins, gorgeous round mirror, and a simple but beautifully detailed fireplace mantel.

The guest bathroom has a beautiful venetian mirror, a stone vessel sink, and I love the grey marble tiles that are installed vertically. I think that’s the perfect way to install tiles in a bathroom, because it sort of creates the illusion of water running down the wall.

More mirrored beauty in the master bathroom – check out that vanity! The crystal knobs kick the glam factor up one notch higher!

How’s this for a completely different take on a baby nursery – no pink or blue or primary colours here! The achromatic colour palette continues, giving the nursery a sophisticated and mature feel, which is balanced by the fun and whimsy of the horizontal stripes. I love how Bree has put her son’s name on the door (good name!)

 There’s a comfy tufted chair in the corner for mom & dad.

Why not hang a venetian mirror in a nursery? :-)

I love this vignette on the silver dresser, and how cool is the framed chalkboard?

Here’s another shot of the living room. Doesn’t it look like one of those black & white photos where colour is added to accentuate an item or two? I cannot tell you how much I love the grey tufted ottoman and the black leather chairs with the silver nailhead trim. The chandelier is pretty sweet too!

And one last shot of Bree’s living room. I am DROOLING over that ottoman! I’m pretty sure the artwork in the hallway outside the living room is a map that’s been cut into pieces, with each piece framed individually. A cool idea that you could incorporate into your own home using a map of your city, a city you love, or one of your favourite photographs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting Bree’s beautiful home. As I said, I love colour and colourful interiors, but there’s just something that draws me to Bree’s home. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the shiny & sparkly things that make it oh-so-glamourous! ;-)

What a stunning interior, monochrome is very much up my ally, love it!  Thank you so much to Kelly for sharing this beautiful interior with us all, I hadn't seen this one before and I'm so happy I have!  If you have not been to visit Kelly over at her new blog JAX Does Design yet be sure to... And while you are there please follow her {you won't regret it - Kelly is one of my favorite bloggers after all} and tell her I say hello! 
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  1. Wow it's stunning Kelly! That nursery blew me away. Fabulous guest post!!

  2. Thanks for including me in your favourite interiors feature, Staci ;-)


  3. I don't think I could live in an achromatic color scheme, but I DO love seeing them and being inspired by them. She's obviously a talented designer - these spaces are beautiful. Love the pops of color too.

  4. I am loving the horizontal stripes!

  5. Nothing but yummy-ness in every single room Kelly!! It's amazing. And you were right, that ottoman is now going to be in my dreams for weeks. Do you think it's possible Santa could bring it for me??

    Staci, this is a lovely feature and I am so happy to have been led to your fabulous blog! I will be following and adding you to my blogroll.

    Nancy xo

  6. How fun to see Kelly here. You are right, she is one talented gal, and a sweetie to boot. This is a fabulous home. The guest bathroom has me drooling, I am an absolute fool for gorgeous tilework. Kat

  7. Awww, I feel the same way about Kelly, Staci - she is the sweetest!

    Kelly, you may chosen the greatest interior ever! There are so many different elements that I love - that bathroom, the living room's map art and I want to live in that kids room! Thanks so much for introducing me to the world of Bree and her Paddington Perspective! xo

  8. You ladies are great for my ego! :-) So happy you all enjoyed reading about Bree's beautiful home.


  9. What baby would not love to wake up in that nursery !! Gorgeous blogging both of you, Kelly & Staci !

  10. Gorgeous! I don't know if I could do such a monochromatic colour scheme in my own home but I'm loving it here!!

  11. Kelly's featured such a beautiful home & and a soooo talented designer!! My favourite of Bree's space is of course the living room (FAB!! Yes the ottoman is decadently wonderful and the map wall is terrific!). I think the kitchen is great too! Staci - cheers to you for inviting Kelly to guest post!!
    Victoria (DesignTies)


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