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Today, joining us all the way from California {I kinda wish we were joining her out there in that warm, sunny weather} is Jami from Imagine!  Jami is a talented designer {see her website HERE}, super sweet, and I am so happy that she is participating today to share her wonderful eye for stylish interiors.  Without further adieu, here is my lovely {virtual} friend Jami with one of her favorite interiors...

Hello Staci Edwards Blog fans! I, like you, have been a fan since I first met this bubbly, energetic little Miss Staci on Twitter. Staci has been a huge inspiration for me in my own Interior Design business, Imagine. I love the simple, no-nonsense style Staci has going on; it's quite similar to my own. Thank you Staci for having me here today; I love this series and can't wait to share this: 

fun, colorful 
designed by M. Design Interiors.

Rather than being much of a flowery kinda writer, I'm a "list" kinda gal, so please enjoy my lists! 

In the living area I love:
  • the blue sectional - I'd NEVER have the guts to purchase a sofa in a color other than a neutral.
  • the abundance of natural light from the corner of windows - The shades are a bit too much for my taste, but I like the sensibility of them and the risk of adding more blue/green. 
  • the artfully arranged bookshelves - The books add a lot of color and can be a nice focal point when organized in an artful way!
  • the large over scale artwork drawing the eye down to the matching accessories and flowers - I love the colors in this art piece and I really like how it "moves". The accessories on the table and the spray of flowers are arranged perfectly next to it. 

 What else I love about the living area: 
  • the two white barrel chairs - These chairs could go in any room and with almost any decor!
  • the black and white area rug - For me, you cannot go wrong with black & white. 
  • the two leather poofs - These stools provide extra seating and I like the neutralness of their texture and color
  • the overall space plan - This room is very cozy and inviting and I could just imagine spending hours in here chatting with my mom, sisters and girlfriends!
 In the kitchen and dining area I love:
  • the zebra rug - For sure! Everyone needs a little animal print!
  • the yellow stripes on the ceiling - Oh, hi, I'm a yellow striped ceiling in your dining room! I love it! It really is an attention grabber and who really thinks to do this?! 
  • the open cabinetry above the countertop - I imagine at one point, there were those ominous cabinets that hung almost all the way down to the counter top here. There was no way one cooking could have a conversation with anyone else in the home. This really opens up the space. 
  • the red buffet - This is a nice pop of color. There are bunches of pops in this room (yellow ceiling, green backsplash), but the overall feeling of the space is "white". 
  • the angled mirror + accessories - These really add some sparkle and visual interest. I'm loving the lady with the green hair. 
  • that sweet little white pup perched on the chair - Isn't he adorable?!
 What I'm loving in the bathroom:
  • the wall of necklaces - I LOVE this and it's another thing that I'd be scared of doing in my own home...hello nail holes all over the place! What a great storage solution + art!
  • the blue + yellow color combo - Again, I'd never decide these colors for my own bath, simply because they were my high school colors, but I love it here and I think it works.
  • the patterns - I love the stripes on the shower curtain (if you have to use a shower curtain, at least make sure it's fashionable like this one!) and I love the pattern in the tile work. 
 What I love about this outdoor space:
  • the white rope chairs - I love the graphicness of these seats!
  • the patchwork rug - This really makes this space feel like it's an actual room and not just some seating on the deck.
  • the striped chevron pattern on the day bed - Not only do I want to spend my afternoon here, but I might as well look good doing it!
  • the collection of potted plants - Potted plants indoors and outdoors are a MUST in my household. I really like the variety in greenery here and also I like that the designer used white pots in different sizes and shapes. 
  • the frickin' cute little elephant stand - I think a great way to make rooms feel less formal and more "lived in" is to include a bit of quirkiness and infuse a sense of humor into the space. An elephant will do the trick.

What I love about this outdoor space:
  • the deck is built around the tree - I feel like it's a tree house and I've ALWAYS wanted a tree house!
  • the rope banister - Now I really feel like I'm a part of Swiss Family Robinson. 
  • the simpleness - There's not a whole lot going on here besides the lounger and the chair and I like it that way. It puts the focus on the outdoors. 
  • the cute little white dog decided to make another appearance :) 

I think the use of color was why I was originally drawn to this residence. I love neutral color palettes and in my own home I tend to stick with browns, ivories and greys. I'd never imagine painting my kitchen ceiling with yellow stripes, but I absolutely love and admire that others are willing to take that design risk in their homes and spaces. As I wrote out these lists and studied each image, I really started to appreciate the sensibility in this home's design. Nothing is over done or too dramatic and it feels very lived in and easy. It's all very stylish without trying too hard. 

Thanks for having me Staci!  I really enjoyed this project; it brought me back to my Interior Design school days and it felt good to "study" a space and pick out why I was attracted to it!

What a great interior, so full of inspirational ideas - I have a sudden urge to paint stripes on a ceiling!  Thank you Jami, for not only sharing such a fantastic interior, but also for the kind words!  
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  1. Great choice Jami! I am in love with that kitchen!!!!!

  2. This is such a fun and colourful home :-) Love the artwork in the living room and the blue in the bathroom. And the way the deck is built around the tree is great.

    Thanks to Jami for sharing her favourite interior :-)

  3. I love these! I really like natural lighting when it comes shining into a room, but in the right area so it doesn't blind you!

  4. Great post Jami- I'm in love with everything M. Design does- they always use splashes of bold colour and create such fanciful spaces. Adore. Thanks for sharing your lists:)

  5. hi! thanks for commenting on my blog! i love yours! seems we have similar taste and direction :)
    xo all the way from ga-
    (ps my husband is from missassauga- random)

  6. Wow that IS A very colourful space. It seems like a fun interior that really keeps the cheerful mood going... thanks for sharing!

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  7. I love Jami and her picks didn't disappoint at all! xo

  8. Thank you all for commenting on one of my favorite interiors! And thank you, Staci, for having me over today!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  9. Such gorgeous spaces! I especially love the kitchen and the outdoor area! xoxo


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