J'adore The One Of A Kind Show

As most of you may know I was invited to the One Of A Kind Show's Media Breakfast last week {see my previous post and details of a great giveaway HERE} and so today I am dedicating my J'adore post to all of the things I loved at the show!  This post could go on for days if I am not careful because I really loved almost everything I saw, but I am going to keep this post under control and post my top 10 favorite {in no particular order} booths to visit, sound good?  Okay, let's start... {I'm going to be using some of my own images along with some images from the artisans websites because I had a small camera mishap, and thus was unable to take photos part way through the day. Plus I decided I did not want to carry my big camera around all day so I foolishly brought my little party cam, so the photos did not do a lot of the great pieces justice.  Bare with me.}

Booth #N-22 Laurie Sponagle - Charcoal Drawings:  Yes, these are in fact drawings - I thought they were photos!  What an incredible talent Laurie has.  There are several pieces, but I really liked the simplicity of this piece. 

Booth #H-06 Pi'lo - Soft Objects & Art:  This booth was adorable!  It had beautiful natural soft goods made of linen and vintage cloths as well as this pretty wall art.  A must see!

Booth #N-30 Linda Penwarden - Fine Jewellery:  Linda has many beautiful pieces and she also does custom pieces for whatever your little heart desires!  If you like things that shine {and what gal doesn't?} make sure to visit Linda's booth.

Booth #S-20 Fluf - Original Sustainable Design:  These bags are darling!  What is even better than them being super cute is that they are made from eco friendly material, and of course help us to not use plastic bags {do people even do that anymore?} while looking super stylish.  What's not to love?

Booth #U-05 Tulip + I - Handcrafted Linen Collection:  This was honestly the most precious line of baby linens I have ever seen!  Each are handmade from beautiful natural linen, and they come in soft colour tones which are perfect for babies.  The text on the items range from the alphabet and little sayings in Italian such as "Buona Notte" - A perfect gift for anyone who has {or is expecting} a little one.  Be sure to visit Tulip + I, you will not be disapointed!

Booth #H-24 Charlene Serdan - Photography:  Charlene's work is amazing {and she is a fellow Oakvillian, which is nice}!  All of her images have this delightful, dreamy quality about them, and I can think of a few pieces that would fit very well in my home.  The alphabet photos would be perfect in a nursery to spell out the child's name, or even have the whole alphabet arranged on a feature wall.  This booth is probably in one of my top three, so be sure to stop by there while you are at the show!

Booth #L-21 Avril Loreti - Modern Home Decor:  I have been seeing Avril's work everywhere lately, and she is still one of my favorites!  I love the fun and sense of whimsy her products would bring into any home.  Also, I must say Avril is a delight to chat with so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Booth #I-52 Studio K. - Paintings & Funky Home Accents:  This booth is also on my top 3 list of must see {and must shop}!  Really, these photos do not to Kailey's work justice, the items were so cute I wanted to buy them all.  Vintage fabrics and original paintings are used to create fun home decor products.  Stop by this booth for oodles of eye candy!

Booth #R-37 Erin Vincent - Mixed Media Art:  This is another booth where I wanted to buy every piece!  The artwork was so unique and whimsical, not to mention the prices were very reasonably priced.  Erin has a wonderful talent and was a pleasure to talk to, be sure to stop here!

Booth #S-44 This Is J - Fresh, Funky Accessories:  Most of all I was drawn to their booth design, I loved the fireplace mantle with the festive stockings!  Of course I looked at their products too, and I must say their winter accessories are very appealing.  They not only look cute, but feel like they'd be super warm - a perfect combo for the slopes this season.  If you are in need of stylish winter gear {I know I am with this cold weather that we have been having}, then be sure to swing by This Is J!

Whew.  That was a long post - thank goodness I only listed my top 10 picks, right?  I'm sure that you are all dying to see more, and I wish I could have posted everything I saw and loved... I guess you will have to head to the show to see more.  To win free tickets be sure to enter my giveaway HERE!  I will be heading back over the weekend to purchase some items as my visit last week was cut short due to work - wouldn't it be nice to have a money tree so that we could spend all day at the show?  I hope to see some of you there visiting some of my favorite booths and artisans, which spots are on your list?
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  1. I love the work from "Under a Blue Sky" - what a great pop of colour those pieces would add to a room!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Staci. Looks like it was a great show.

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. It was lovely chatting with you too Staci! Thanks for stopping by. I love all your ooak picks. I'm going to have to go scope them out this morning. Cheers!

  3. It was great to walk around with you and loved so many of the same artisans. Great post!

  4. I love all of these booths too! I don't know if I can wait until Friday to go back!

  5. Hey Staci!! You're the sweetest to add me to your blogroll. I'm honored. :) Love all of your posts.

  6. Great round-up of some really nice items. My favourites are the charcoal drawings - Laurie Sponagle has amazing artistic talent! I hope she has a web site, I really want to see more of her work. I also really like the This Is J stockings :-)


  7. What an amazing show! I wish I lived close to attend.

  8. Oh my... I certainly missed a great show -- hope you did some Christmas shopping!!!

  9. lovely images!! I'm your latest follower :D
    hope to have you visit my blog again soon! x

  10. Thanks for the wonderful feature.
    Great meeting you at the ooak!
    Happy Holidays, Terra + Nathalie


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