J'adore Dwell Studio Fabrics

I know, I know, Dwell Studio releasing a new line of fabrics from Robert Allen is old news, but my love for these fabrics is still strong!  Here are some of my favorites from the collection...

Over the weekend I did some work on my office, and getting my fabric ready to sew my valances was part of it, I am using Vintage Blossom in grey {shown on the sofa in the last photo} and I cannot wait to get them made and hung.  I must say, being around these beautiful fabrics does make me smile!  How about you?  
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  1. Lovely! The last picture with the sofa in the bird fabric is amazing!!! I can't wait to see your valances- gorgeous!

  2. I absolutely love the fresh vide these fabrics give --- can't wait to see the office reveal!! :)

  3. Fabric is such an integral part of the design process - and I love the one you chose for your office! The bold print and the large blocks of colour will really make a statement.
    Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

  4. Wow Staci! Your office is going to look so fab! I think the fabric you chose for the valances is my favourite Dwell Studio fabric!

    Are you going to sew them or get them made?

  5. Beautiful fabrics, and love the chair in the third-to-last picture. I think its called Gate?

    There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there, I wish I had more projects to use them on!

    Looking forward to seeing your completed office :-)


  6. Aww... how gorgeous!! good job staci! I love love love your armchair! it looks so amazing!! I've been looking for that kind of armchair for ages! :) have a nice day!

  7. I love the Dwell fabrics - so gorgeous!!!

  8. I think that Joss & Main is running a Dwell Studio sale next Monday... Their stuff is so gorgeous. I think it's the baby stuff not the fabrics, but I saw your blog about your office it's seems like it's rare to see a deal on Dwell (outside of the Target stuff) that I thought I should tell you about it. it's at http://www.jossandmain.com. I love your blog!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!