J'adore Custom Cookie Cutters

Every time I come across these customizable cookie cutters from William Sonoma I think I should pick some up!  Personally, I think they are adorable.

Aren't they fun?  I would love to personalize cookies for people or for an event when I bake!

I think I will be picking up the Christmas ones for this year, I tend to do a lot of baking during the holidays, so these will come in handy.  What do you think?

And now for the big news... The winner of the Steven & Chris show tickets is... {insert drumroll here} Kelly from JAX Does Design!  Pack your bags, because you and 4 friends are heading to Toronto to see a live taping of Steven and Chris -  Congrats!  {For those of you who don't know Kelly, she is an amazing lady from Ottawa, and her blog is so very inspiring - Be sure to stop by, say hello and become a follower!}
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  1. these cookie cutters are so cute -- they would certainly make a nice gift for anyone that loves to bake!!

    Congrats Kelly!

  2. I have seen these cookie cutters before and have wanted to buy them too! They are so cute!!

    I just might have to go out and buy them this year...

  3. Staci, I love these! I bought the Christmas ones last year (I couldn't resist) and they are so great for the holidays!

  4. Staci, thanks so much for the tickets AND for the kind words :-) Now I just need to round up a few friends to go with me!

    J'adore the cookie cutters too - SO cute! And the cookies don't look too bad either ;-)


  5. I love this to much! so perfect for xmas!! Unfortunately they don't shipped these beauty to australia ( booo ) but i think i might just buy it off ebay with double the price... it all just so irresistable

  6. They are adorable ... I'll look for them the next time I'm at Williams Sonoma

  7. Love these cookie cutters, I think I too need a set!

  8. These are so fabulous! I saw them in the store and put them on my wish list. They'd be perfect for all the holiday baking I have coming up!


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