Happy Weekend

"Happiness depends on ourselves" - Aristotle
This weekend I'm planning to work on my office {click HERE to see what I'm doing to it}, which will make me happy!  Not to mention Adam and I will probably have a night out on Saturday, and sleep in on Sunday... Ahhh weekends, what's not to love?  Hope you all have something to make you happy planned!  {And please remember to help spread the word about my Fill A Stable For Christmas charity efforts - details HERE - Thank you!} 
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  1. OOooo...the new office plans look amaze! I need me a swank studio...my house looks like a fabric and craft store just imploded. which is related to what i am doing this weekend. work, work and more work. busy time of year! what am i going to enjoy...hmmmmm....well, my work, thank-godness! and my family, and making time to do do some home-cookin' and cuddling. always time for that.

  2. My weekend will be spent supervising the application of a new roof on the place I'm staying at in Panama. I hope to blog about it soon - and I also hope it gets done over the weekend ;) Have a great weekend, my dear!

  3. love the photo you've found -- enjoy the weekend! and sleeping in :) :(

  4. I cannot wait to see what you do with your office!

    Have a great weekend Staci! xo


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