Fill A Stable For Christmas

I have given to local and global charities, both personally and through my business, but being only one person and a small business, a large impact is never made.  Every little bit helps, there is no doubting that, however don’t you think it would be fun to have a “wow moment” while giving to charity?

As one person, or one small business in the community we have an opportunity to unite with other people and small businesses to create a big impact to feel great about… And that is my plan.  I’d like other small business owners and friends of Staci Edwards Design Inc. to pool donations together to make a big impact for small communities in need this holiday season, and I hope you are willing to help! 

My inspiration for taking on this task is Ketty, an 8 year old girl from Uganda that I sponsor through World Vision.While looking at the World Vision Gift Catalogue I glanced up at Ketty's photo and thought that I'd like to make a big difference for more children and their families just like hers - and together we can!  Through World Vision we can purchase a whole stable full of farm animals to give to a community in poverty for a mere $1200.  This farm will create a life changing opportunity for families in a third world country to help them become more self sufficient, provide food, and possibly break the circle of poverty {How wonderful}.

My goal is to raise at least {but hopefully more than} $3,600 by December 25th, which will be enough to purchase 3 farms, and will allow us all have a “wow moment” while giving to charity!  I hope you will help by not only donating, but also by passing this information onto others to help spread the word, and thus raise more money for our cause.  Let’s all work together to fill a stable {or 3} and give the gift of happiness to those in need this holiday season!

If would like to donate please do so by clicking HERE!  Or if you have further questions you can email info@staciedwards.ca.  Thank you so much for helping such a great cause, and remember that every little bit helps!
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PS - If you do donate it is 100% confidential, however if you would like to receive an email on Christmas Day letting you know how we did then please email me and I will add you to the mailing list. I think that would be a nice email to get on Christmas Day!


  1. Staci, this is such a great initiative! I think you will have no problem getting to $3600 :)

  2. Staci this is such a great idea! Go you! I'd love to donate to this cause, and help spread the word! :)

  3. I love this idea - I'm in but I don't know for how much just yet - our christmas bill is always big b/c B has a big family... we do monthly donations to Sick Kids and I try for at lease one donation to the Yellow Brick House... b/c they are local. http://www.yellowbrickhouse.org/english/

  4. this is fantastic. i sponsor a little boy from Sri Lanka and when i get his cards and drawings I feel like i'm not doing enough for him. you've just pushed me to do more! thanks soooo much and good luck. i'll be donating to your efforts asap.

  5. Glad you shared your site with me, and yes, I love your idea! I'm so thankful to read how other people are inspired to give. I just signed up to sponsor our first World Vision child this year, and we hope we can build on that in the future.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower! Lovely blog!


  6. This is a great idea!

    You'll reach your goal for sure Staci!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!