Elizabeth's Favorite Interior

Today we have the pleasure of hosting the lovely Elizabeth from Life Of Style!  Elizabeth is the creator and owner of her own successful design firm in North Carolina, a proud mother of 3, and a lover of all things beautiful in life.  Now for one of Elizabeth's favorite interiors...

Designer Angie Hranowsky is responsible for my favorite interior. And I’m sure she shares a similar love for the space, as it so happens to be her Charleston, SC mid-century home, circa 1974.  Angie has been a favorite designer that I look to for inspiration for many years. Her mix of colors and patterns is something I find exciting in interiors, and it’s no secret that it’s a style I like to incorporate.  These images on Hranowsky’s website, previously featured in Charleston Home Magazine, show a glimpse of her mad decorating skills and glamorous home...

 The home’s exterior alone begs me to take a glimpse inside. Let’s face it, 1974 mid-century in Charleston is not the norm, but I like that it is unexpected and the color of the front door is retro chic. I really love how the light from indoors almost glows through those windows – so inviting!

 There’s so much I can say about this family room: the purple Madeline Weinrib rug (I’m a HUGE fan of Weinrib), the accents of the teal colored stool, the miscellaneous gallery of unique wall art… all of it together really make the space. It seems so chic and surprisingly un-fussy at the same time – a key combo for a home with kids!

 I can almost find no words to describe the dining room… mi amore! Everything from the zebra rug, saarinen dining table, vintage chandelier and glass console take my breath away! Once again, there’s an impeccable, as well as eccentric, compilation of art and the shell lamps just seem to accent the collection perfectly. There’s that pop of teal again - against the zebra rug it’s so fun. What is not to love about this room?

These three bedrooms, yet again, show how well Hranowsky uses pattern + color. After I first saw the master bedroom, I felt a restored faith in the color purple. Those accents seem subtle and somehow neutral. I love how Hranowsky goes above + beyond, using three different colors for stripes on the wall in the boy’s room – it tricks the eye out of the norm. And check out that window shade – pretty unexpected and cool. The pink rug in the girl’s room is super-posh, but I think the light fixture keeps the whole room from being too girly (plus, it’s a reminder of the house’s mid-century accent I’m in origin).

Thanks so very much Staci for allowing me to take your blog on a tour through my favorite interior – I hope you’ve all enjoyed the view just as much as I have!

I certainly enjoyed this home, thank you so much for sharing it with us Elizabeth!  What did you think? 

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  1. Great post. I love Angie too! Have the second photo in my inspiration file but didn't know it was hers.

  2. I really like the hits of purple thoughout the home. The dining room chandelier is very cool, and the chrome four poster bed in the master bedroom is fabulous! Very chic and glam :-)


  3. I have only ever seen the second picture and, like Vanessa, have it tucked away in my inspiration files. Now that I have seen the rest of the house, I am in love!

  4. This entire home is in my 'favourite rooms ever' file- I adore the La Fiorentina chairs, Weinrib rug, artwork, blue stools...everything! I've never seen the outside before and it is as glorious as the interior. Thanks to Elizabeth and you for sharing- nice way to start the day:)

  5. Being from Charleston, I've had this stuff saved for awhile too. The home is amazing.

  6. oh, love her too!! love the console vignette!!

  7. Thanks Staci for having me! I am glad everyone loves this little gem in the South as much as I do!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!