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It's Tuesday, and yes that means a guest blogger will be featuring their favorite interior!  Today's guest is Tania, you may know her from her blog Passport 2 Design, her successful design firm TLC Designs, or perhaps from her work with the wonderful Kimberley Seldon at KSDG and at {soon to be released} Dabble Magazine. {Whew, and I thought I was busy} She is one talented lady, I am so happy to have her with us today and to call her my friend!  Let's all sit back and enjoy one of Tania's favorite interiors...


Kudos to interior designer, Tino Zervudachi for designing my Tokyo city dream house.

Zervudachi is one of the principal designers of Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi and has an incredible portfolio of international work that leaves me staring at my computer screen in awe. I love the clean lines and natural materials he uses in his work, particularly in the design of this Tokyo apartment (architecture credit goes to Kengo Kuma & Associates). I first learned about this project when flipping through the October 2010 issue of Architectural Digest.

This house belongs to a non-Japanese client living in Japan. Luckily for Zevudachi (and Kengo Kuma & Associates) the client's appreciation for Western design is not without a love for Japanese aesthetics. Each of the house's five storeys boasts an inviting ambiance that can only be attributed to a Zen aesthetic of wood, bamboo, glass, tatami and stone.

Isn't the wood screen in the photo below gorgeous? It has a wonderful way of playing with light and shadow while also providing a contrast in texture to the stone walls.

The fixtures suspended from the ceiling over the dining table remind me of clouds or birds...I also love how their curvilinear forms break up the otherwise rectilinear forms in the space. Did you notice the hidden door on the back wall? Not sure if it's a pantry/storage area or if it's actually an opening that leads to another room (in which case I LOVE that it's disguised to look like a solid wall...doorways don't always have to ruin a solid planar surface).

Don't you find the natural colours and finishes create an incredibly peaceful space? Seems like a crazy out-of-control party would somehow remain a refined, classy kind of out-of-control party in this space. This apartment just SCREAMS elegance.
Be still my heart...this is one of the most enticing bathrooms I've ever seen. Resisting the urge to fill this tub and soak for hours on end would be a daily test in self-control for me. I think I am happiest when surrounded by natural materials, especially wood and stone. So there's no surprise that this is also my dream indoor-pool. The pool lighting is outrageously sexy, and the lack of down lighting directly over the pool would be very flattering.

I would never leave my house in the evenings if this was *my* terrace. The elements of line, texture and minimal furniture use repeats in this exterior space. What a wonderful place to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and a good book. If there was a stone and glass outdoor fire pit, I could sit out here for hours staring at the city lights and the muted stars in the sky. Blissful.

Hope you've enjoyed this virtual tour of my new favourite house in Tokyo. Thanks for letting me hijack your blog for a day, Staci! xo

Incredible.  I am in love with that space, aren't you?  I am also in love with Tania's writing, if I didn't have those photos I could still feel the space through how she explains it.  Wonderful.  Thanks so much to Tania for being my guest today, and I look forward to seeing you later this morning!  I hope you all have a great day, and don't forget to head over to Passport 2 Design for a little beauty and culture!

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