Stylish Halloween Decor

I'm not one for spooking up my home for Halloween really, I find that Halloween related items are usually a bit, um... Let's just say I'm not into them.  However, when I came across these stylish decorating ideas from Style At Home I was pretty inspired...

I'm thinking next year I may try a little something stylish in the foyer for the kiddies to see as I hand out candy!  My favorite space is the second image from the bottom - I think it is very cute and fun for the kids, yet styled nicely for the adults to appreciate as well.  Do you decorate inside for Halloween, and if not, are you inspired to now?
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  1. I too like the 2nd from the bottom - looks like a shot from Sarah's farmhouse (?) I now decorate for Halloween - for my boys really... we've been trying to find a not so scary halloween ghost and we still haven't.

    I love how Nicole from Making it Lovely decorated her front porch -

  2. I'm with you on the Halloween decor thing- I feel badly because of the kids but I just can't get into decorating in pumkins and sculls- I have white and grey pumpkins outside and like those. I love putting costumes together though- that's the fun of Halloween for me.
    The pictures you posted are great examples of how to do it right though- have you seen this blog?
    She does and AMAZING job at Halloween with decor.

  3. Love all of these! I posted my favorite Halloween decorating ideas today too!


  4. I'm not into the whole Halloween decorating either. I like when other houses do it, but I wouldn't be caught dead hanging a ghost from my porch! Ha ha. I just stuck with some DIY pumpkins and that's it. I do really like these ideas from Style at Home though - they would be perfect for a Halloween party!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!