Steven & Chris Show

For those of you who don't know, the staff of Steven & Chris recently sent out invites to local bloggers to come an watch a taping of the show.  I was so honoured to be on the invite list, and I was so happy to attend - the day turned out to be better than I had expected!

Here are some close up shots of the set, which is beautiful I think.  It's amazing to see the setup of each area change depending on what they are shooting, everything was designed with "multifunctional" in mind.  I love the look of the set and the great finishes, textures and colour palette all say comfortable yet sophisticated... Perfect for Steven & Chris

I was lucky enough to sit in the front row, next to one of my blog friends Wendy at Desire 2 Decorate, and Wendy was kind enough to share her camera as I had forgotten mine at home {silly me}.  I forgot it mostly because I was so excited about leaving the house and getting to the event, not only for the show, but also to chat with all of the other lovely bloggers that were there... Okay, and for Steven & Chris... They are so great!  When I was a young teen I would skip school to watch my design crush Steven Sabados on Cityline, I could not get enough of his amazing style, DIY projects and not to mention his charm!  Later, while in design school one of my projects was to design an event space, we could choose whatever event we wanted, and I chose to design Steven & Chris' wedding reception space {so if you boys are reading this and ever need my help... I've got it all figured out!}

The show had some fun DIY projects done by Steven {and comic relief was preformed by Chris of course}, Jenny McCarthy was there talking about her new book "Love, Lust, And Faking It" {which sounds like a great read}, and chef Rodney Bowers mad some {to-die-for} pulled pork sandwiches which we all got to eat for lunch!  The show will be airing tomorrow at 2:00pm on CBC if you are interested in watching. 

Not only was the content of the show wonderful for the blogger audience, but Steven & Chris had us laughing and entertained every step of the way, they have such incredible personalities and chemistry both on and off the air.  They were so great to mention that it was a blogger audience, feed us an amazing lunch, and provide an intimate Q&A with the boys after lunch - Much more than I had expected!  I could not believe how well we were all treated by Steven & Chris and all of the staff at CBC, and I would like to say thank you!

Here I am with Steven & Chris, I of course was a little bit star struck and didn't say much {or even introduce myself - silly me again} but they were really great at making me feel welcome and we cracked a few jokes about "a rose between two thorns" - obviously not the case, they are even more handsome in real life.  During the Q&A I asked them who their favorite designers were - Steven's is Philippe Starck and Chris' is Vincente Wolf {who is also one of my favorites}.  Chris explained that Steven is way more likely to be bold while designing a space, where as Chris likes clean and classic spaces - funny how their styles are so different yet they work so well together.  Other bloggers had some great questions too, and at one point the guys got a little choked up while talking about their relationship - it was great to see these to guys that we were all awestruck over being so real.  I was a fan of theirs before, but now I can say I am a super fan... And if you too are a super fan and would like to attend a taping of the show {along with three of your friends} then this giveaway is for you... I'm giving away 4 Steven & Chris Tickets courtesy of the show! 
Here are ways to enter:

1. Become a follower on SED 
and leave a comment mentioning you'd like to win.

2. "Like" SED on Facebook 
and leave a comment mentioning you'd like to win.

3. Follow me on Twitter and tweet "I have just entered to win @stevenandchris tickets 
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Feel free to enter all three ways to have your name added to the draw three times, and tell your friends to enter too, providing they'll take you it will increase your chances! Good luck to you all... I can assure you if you win it will be an amazing show!  {I will announce the winner of the tickets on Monday November 1st}
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  1. What a great post Staci!! I was so proud of you for asking a question...I'm usually too shy to do that type of stuff. And it was a great question too!

    No need to include me in the contest because I have 4 tickets of my own!


  2. It was truly a great show! I had loads of fun..hard time though figuring out faces to blogs! Hopefully next time I can introduce myself!

  3. Great post Staci and great seeing you again! You don't have to enter me in the contest either.

  4. anytime darling!! love your take on the show and so glad you got the nerve to ask a question!!! I posted today too - come by and take a peek!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that the taping was such a great experience for you and the other bloggers :-) Great snap of you with Steven & Chris -- I'd say that's THREE roses!

    I've always been a Steven & Chris fan, and of course I'd love to attend a taping of their show! If it happens to be on Nov. 22nd, that would be perfect because I'm planning to be in TO for the big blogger event :-)


  6. I can't believe I didn't already "Like" you on FB. I do now :-)


  7. Great post on the Steven and Chris show, Staci. You covered the day so thoroughly :)


  8. Looks like a great day to be on set! Thanks for sharing.


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