Martha Stewart, Me & Her Kitchen

Today I am talking about my dream kitchen which will be inspired from the set of Martha Stewart's show, but before I get into that I have a fun story to share with you all about my {short but sweet} relationship with Martha...

I have been a fan of Martha Stewart for as long as I remember, and roughly 15 years ago I emailed Martha to let her know I admired her work and to ask her for some very important advice... How to be her when I grew up.  I was a 15 year old girl, she was my idol, and I assumed she would be way too busy to reply but it was worth a try.

Well, to my excitement she replied to my email {a couple back and forth actually} and also asked for my address because she had something to send me, which was of course the above autographed photo.  Oh goodness was I excited!  While I am obviously not Martha now that I have grown up, I am a Designer who loves to bake, knit, and ensure my home is full of personal, loving touches... And I still turn to her for inspiration today.  {Thanks Martha!}   

Now, for the inspiration for my future dream kitchen:  I have thought for a while now that my dream kitchen would be inspired by the kitchen on Martha Stewart's  Show, because I like the warm, country yet contemporary feel of it - and it's just stunning!

When reading about the set I found out that it was inspired by Martha's kitchen in her Bedford home, which is of course equally {or perhaps even more} beautiful.  Let's take a look at how she achieved the perfect contemporary-country kitchen at home...

Glass doors are perfect for that relaxed country look of exposed dishes, but still keeps them dust free.  Also, the dishes being in creamy yellows and soft greys gives a nice nod to country style, all white dishes would give a more contemporary look. 

I love apron sink and the old juicer - both of these items are on my dream kitchen wish list.  I have an antique meat grinder that my Grandmother gave to me which receives compliments from all who enter my kitchen... Antique pieces are wonderful for creating instant country charm!

Modern conveniences are so important in a contemporary kitchen, and this cappuccino counter is an incredible addition!  There are 2 grinders so that Martha's guests may choose from regular or decaf at all times, plus the machine has a dish warmer to ensure cups and saucers that are on top of the machine stay heated.

Of course there is an office/media area complete with TV, satellite radio, laptop, printer, phone... Everything needed to work from one of her favorite places - the kitchen.

Shown here are the 2 islands {yes I said 2, that is not a typo} one is surrounded with stools for guests to gather, and the other is for preparing food.  What a dream! 

Here is another view of both islands with the ovens and stove behind them.  Notice there is a lot of stainless steel, but it does not feel cold? That is because it is reflecting all of those soothing warm grey tones that Martha has used in this space, if this kitchen were done in cool grey tones {or even worse - in whites} it would feel modern and much more cold.

Here is another island in the servery area of the kitchen which is perfect for serving food on.  This area is also equipped with an ice maker for refreshing drinks, warming drawers for keeping food hot, and 2 dishwashers for an easy clean up.  

I think that not only the look of the space is perfect, but so is the functionality... What more could one possibly want in a kitchen?
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  1. That is so fun that Martha responded to your emails and then went out of her way to send you the photo!

    And that kitchen is gorgeous! I love the shot of the one on her set, with all the white cake stands on the shelves!

  2. What a fun post! I have been a huge Martha fan as long as I can remember too. How neat you rec'd a signed pix as a kid.

    Love her kitchens too. The open shelving is amazing... wouldn't work out here in earthquake country though. The double island is a dream concept of mine... next house!


  3. Hi Staci,
    You probably know this but I guess Martha Stewart has her own cabinetry line with the Home Depot and she has used her signature grey and creamy yellows.

    Great post,

  4. love her too! did you hear Home Depot in is launching a Martha line of cabnitry? heard it through Rambling Renovators... here's the link.


    Love her carpet tiles through FLOR - :)

  5. That double espresso machine is what I need!

  6. These kitchen are so inspiring!!! I'd probably feel like a chef if I had one of them :). And how cool that MS sent that photo of her, you're so lucky :)

  7. What a lovely story ... truly sweet :) This is a FAB kitchen and I'm in love with the warm grey too :) Feels like a serious cooks kitchen ...


Oodles of thanks for the comment!