Happy Weekend

"The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood it's ground." - Unknown

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What a great quote to end the week, I like it because it reminds me that you have to be pretty determined to become all you want to be in life!  This quote fits in perfectly with my evening last night too, as I met up with some wonderful ladies {some of whom you may know from blogging as I did, but now I have met them all in person} and they are all so passionate about what they do.  I found it so great and inspiring to meet different women, all with a unique and strong enthusiasm for life, working towards their dreams and constant growth - Much like myself!  If you haven't already, be sure to visit their blogs... 
Shannon at What's Up Whimsy

And of course Jeff, who is last on my list of people to visit, but certainly not least!  He was after all the only guy at the event and was an absolute delight, not to mention he is an extremely talented writer and I recommend heading to A Writer Under The Influence to experience his work.

Jeff, Dee, Wendy, Jenny, Tania, Me, Brittany, Shannon, Janice

This group of ladies {and Jeff} is so lovely and I am proud to call them all my new friends!  And as for my weekend, I plan on making it a perfect one, how about you?


  1. Staci, you are so sweet, thanks for the shout-out on your blog today.

    Last night was so much fun - it was great to meet everyone in person and put a face to the names and blogs I love...so lucky that Twitter has brought me such an inspiring, talented and down-to-earth group of people.

    My weekend will be spent at the cottage, but first I am taking Shannon's free home show tickets and putting them to good use today! :)

    Happy weekend to you, BBFF!

  2. Hey Staci! It was so nice to meet you {along with the other ladies & Jeff) last night. Thanks for the post today - I'm a fan now! :) Perhaps we could do coffee one day since we're both in Oakville. Have a great weekend!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!