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Today on "Favorite Interior Tuesday's we are joined by self-confessed glamour girl Christine from The Glam Blog {aka Glama Mama on Twitter}.  Although Christine considers herself a blog newbie, she contributes to the Wonder Moms website and Dabble Magazine which is on online magazine that will be launching in the new year.  Christine has also recently launched her own online show called Decorating Big With Glama Mama.  The interior Christine is sharing with us today is beautiful, let's check it out...

I’m so excited to be guest blogging today on Staci’s blog for her new feature called “Favourite Interior Tuesdays.”  And I can’t wait to share with you my favourite interior designed by Melissa Warner from Massucco Warner Miller, a design trio of friends.  Her West Hollywood apartment was featured in House Beautiful magazine earlier this year and I absolutely love it because it is so GLAM....or as I like to say, it is a “Glam Slam” in interior design.  If I was single and living on my own this is just the style – modern and glamorous – that I would want for my apartment.  So let’s take a look:
The living room is absolutely stunning with a mixture of patterns including animal print, floral, and geometric.  I love anything tufted and that blue velvet vintage sofa is definitely swoon-worthy.   Everything in this room just fits so well together with its blend of high-low pieces.  Glam Patrol:  When styling your sofa, one pair of pillows always looks sparse. Using two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures add life to the room.

I adore Hollywood Regency style and this cabinet is definitely a must-have for me.  It sits on the opposite side of the tufted sofa and I like how the print of the dancer above reflects the designer’s passion for dance.  Glam Patrol:  Dress a wall with objects you love -- It's one way to surround yourself with your personal memories.   Aren’t those giant jacks so charming -- a flea market find!!! 

More pops of blue continue in Melissa’s dining room with a combination of old versus new – the buffet is new while the table is vintage!!  This room just makes we want to have a dinner party every night...and do you know what would always be the conversation starter....that chair!!!

The “piece de resistance” is this stunning vintage hooded chair which "is all anyone ever talks about — it's sculpture," says interior designer Melissa Warner.  She reupholstered it in this grey-blue fabric and added a racing stripe for added punch!!  I want this chair!!!!  Glam Patrol:  When looking at second-hand chairs...look at bones of the chair...how it’s made versus the ugly worn fabric on the outside.  You know that old saying...”It’s what’s inside that counts” – well it applies here as well.

The second bedroom was converted into an office and see how the sliding closet doors practically disappear with that over scale poppy print. I find wallpaper irresistible and Melissa was so creative in wallpapering the ugly sliding closet doors that so many of us have in our homes.  Glam Patrol: To create the illusion of space in a small room, like a home office, use lots of glass and Lucite – you can never go wrong with a Ghost Chair from Philippe Starck.

This bedroom is to die for...again it oozes old Hollywood glamour.  What stands out for me are the black Dorothy Draper bedside chests from the 1950s which helps ground the room, and the curvy upholstered headboard.   I’m also very fond of the bedroom's coral, brown, and ivory colour palette –her inspiration was the trim used to outline the coral silk Euro shams on the bed.   Glam Patrol:  Don’t think that just because a room is small you need to use small scale furniture...larger furniture like this headboard actually visually expands the room giving it the illusion of height.

I truly believe that everyone should have some form of glamour in their home—whether it’s a vintage chair or a curvy headboard.  Have you glama-cized your home???

Thanks Staci for having me here at your blog today!!!  It was a total blast!!!

What a stunning interior!  And I have to agree the piece de resistance is that stunning canopy chair in the dining room!  A lot of times canopy chairs can be large and over powering, but this one has such soft, feminine lines, and is a smaller scale than most so it works to compliment the space, not take away from it.  Thanks so much to Christine for participating as a guest blogger, it was a delight to have you!
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  1. Great favourite interior today Staci!! Christine, I have seen this space before and I LOVE IT!!! That tufted sofa is so lovely!!

    And, Christine, I didn't know that you launched an online show! I'm going to go watch it now!

  2. I love Melissa's apartment to death. The canopy chair is so stunning and I also completely adore the Suzy Hoodless wallpaper (I actually just posted on her design work today)- Lovely images and great guest post from Christine.

  3. Glam for sure! Beautiful home, I can see why it's Christine's favourite interior. Especially love the blue & white cabinet and the DR buffet :-)


  4. I agree. So much to love in all of those rooms. Great choices Christine!

  5. Hi Ladies!!!

    I swear this would be the perfect apartment for a single gal who loves to entertain!! So glad you all enjoyed it!!
    Thanks again Staci for inviting me to guest blog!!

    xoxo Christine

  6. Hi - when I saw that interior in Traditional Home (last year or more ago), I quickly showed it to one of my clients as the start of a living room transformation. I was able to get her to use a blue/green velvet for her sectional - and we did a lovely strie in in blue/green and pearl on her walls. I did a lovely coral in her dining room - and I wanted to bring in that color in to the living room...with pillows etc. For some reason, she just didn't "get" bringing in the coral/orange color in the pillows - so we did blues/blue greens and chocolate for the pillows. I got a little bit of coral in her occasional chairs in the room...that was all. I thought that she would gush over the living room in Traditional Home - but she didn't get it. Oh well - at least I got her part way. And the room looks 100% better than it was...and it all started with the living room pictured in your blog.

    Thanks for sharing,



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