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I hope everyone had a very enjoyable long weekend, with plenty of celebration with loved ones for Thanksgiving!  Today's guest blogger for "Favorite Interior Tuesdays" is Brittany from Artistically Connected.  Brittany is a very talented art consultant and dealer, a successful entrepreneur, and a wonderful friend.  Let's all see one of Brittany's favorite interiors...

Condo Living: The Art Of Creating Space

First of all I want to thank Staci for allowing me to be apart of this cool new Design Tusday’s review. I have always loved her work so this is a real treat for me.

One of the amazing things about design is the ability to transform a room. Attempting to create an illusion of space can be tricky, but with the condo market booming learning to find space is a must. This 900sq. ft. home renovation by Mazen El-Abdallah in House and Home magazine is the perfect example of how to make your space feel larger.

Light colour walls accompanied with beautiful natural light brightens up the space. Hanging drapery that covers from the ceiling to floor really accentuate the height in the space and having furniture that stands on legs allows the eyes to see the entire floor without appearing to block out the floor space giving the illusion of more usable area.

Clutter free tables and counter tops and carefully chosen wall hangings go a long way. Choosing artwork that has depth within the picture is a very effective way to trick your eye into thinking the wall isn’t as close as it is (like a long hallway with a door at the end or a window image where the outdoors appear far away).

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! This 6 ft. tall mirror reflects the small room to give the illusion of another (identical) room by the stairs (also plays double duty for a quick clothing check as you run out the door). Also notice the paintings on either side of the mirror and in the refection; many smaller images effectively cover the space needed, but just like the legged furniture doesn’t block out the wall visually. The larger the painting the larger the space needs to be for two reasons; first, you need to be able to stand back far enough to view the entire image at once, so choose smaller pieces for smaller spaces. Second, over sized, bright, or busy pieces if not chosen carefully can overpower your space and even make it look smaller, so unless consulting a professional stick to lighter more neutral tones.
Thanks for taking a tour with me though my favorite small interior space. Have a small space that you think has been designed to maximize space? Please share your secrets!

What a beautiful space!  Thanks so much to Brittany for sharing one of her favorite {small} interiors with us, along with some great tips.  To learn more about art be sure to visit Brittany's enjoyable and informative blog Artistically Connected, and you can read her articles in Zouch Magazine.  If you would like to purchase art, be sure to visit Brittany's website at www.artisticallyconnected.com, there is a large assortment to suit anyone's needs, tastes, or budget.

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  1. Bravo Brittany and Staci - another great guest post. For the record: I've been to Brittany's website and read her articles on ZOUCH - they are both fab. This girl knows art.

    Thanks for sharing, Staci - this Tuesday guest post is really fun to read.

  2. I have seen this space and loved it too Brittany and Staci!! What really grabbed me was the front entryway with that mirror! Wowza!! Love your style Brittany!


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