A Benecki Home

My backyard is slowly filling up with fallen leaves in the most beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red - I love this time of year.  All of those rich warm colours inspired me to look for for Fall coloured interiors, while doing so I came across this beautiful room from Benecki Homes...

Isn't it the perfect Fall interior?  Well, I was going to stop there, but as I looked through the rest of the images of this house I decided I must share it all with you!

I adore this kitchen, the hits of yellow add so much cheer to the elegant space.

Doesn't that artwork at the back of the room pull your gaze towards it?  Beautiful.

Now this is a home theater!  How cozy would it be to curl up in one of the over-sized chaises with a bowl of popcorn, right?  Also, I love the photos on the back wall, they are too small for me to make out who they are, but it would be the perfect spot to put old photos of classic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant...  Or perhaps famous movie quotes in graphic print!

I personally find this room to be a little full and bordering cluttered, but the room itself is lovely with it's high ceilings, crown moldings, and large windows.  Oh, and I do really like the light fixture in the center of the room!

This is the perfect room to be in on a sunny, cool Fall day.  The large, oversized seating gets me every time!

While it is too cold to swim here in Oakville, the pool was too pretty not to include!  I have always been a fan of square patio stones with a grass border, I love the graphic look and repetition of the shapes.  I hope you enjoyed my {not so Fall-ish} post today, and have a great day!
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  1. hmmmmmmmmm....my kind of interior! The drapery is making me dizzy with delight ... I'm so glad you didn't stop at the "fall" living room ... It's all so beautiful :)

  2. These rooms are stunning!

  3. Okay, that is the coolest movie room I have ever seen!

  4. Once again, you have brought a fabulous interior to my attention.

    Thanks Staci - I like this house a lot. I am a big fan of rusty orange, so it's no wonder I *love* 6that area rug in the living room! The finishes and colours in the patio/sun room are great. I could spend hours there. *sigh

  5. What a gorgeous home! LOVE that home theatre, it's so cozy, and that sunroom is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. i remember seeing these pictures recently -- love them!!!

  7. That first room with the horse is SO popular! Love the pops of orange there.


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