{Oakville Designer Show Home}

The other day I had the pleasure of touring the Oakville Show Home designed by Interior Designer Lynda Reeves for the Princess Margaret Home Lottery benefiting cancer research, and I thought it would be a fun tour to share with you all!  There are a lot of photos, so let's get started...

This is the exterior of the home, which is valued at $3,638,000 including furniture and decor of course!I love the feel of the design, it is modeled after homes in the Hamptons... One of my favorite styles.

As you first walk in there is a small, but cozy library - I have always wanted a library!

Past the office is a darling little powder room, and while normally I would not show you a powder room because there is usually not much to see, I had to show you this one for two reasons: One, I love that window, and two, notice Lynda has chosen to keep the trim in this room the same colour as the walls but in a high-gloss finish... Very hot!

The living room is breathtaking with its super high ceilings, but is still feels comfortable because of all the natural elements in the decor.

This sunroom area is the perfect place to cozy up with a book on a rainy day!

This is the dining area {with the wonderful volunteers getting ready to sell those tickets}, I really don't care for it.  It's lacking something in comparison with the rest of the house in my opinion.  However, I do love the walkout patio doors which would be great to have open while entertaining!

My favorite feature in the kitchen is {hard to make out, but is shown in the last photo} the glass shelves used to display large serving dishes that surround the patio doors, what a lovely idea!  I do find the kitchen to be too dark for my taste, but it is beautifully designed.

The mud room is a great feature for any home, but the one thing that makes this mud room even better than the rest is the little wash area tucked in the far corner, which I have taken a close up shot of.  Yes, that is a spot to wash off your dog, or mucky boots before entering!  Genius!

In the basement there is a great living and entertainment room, complete with pool table surrounded with banquette seating, large entertainment center with plasma tv and beautiful fireplace {which are not shown, I took a photo but it now seems to be missing}.  And I love that Lynda chose to use the structural columns as a decorative element by mounting shelves in between them!

There is a bedroom and ensuite bathroom in the basement as well.  I really like the blue glass tile surrounding the tub and shower, what a great way to brighten up a space!

This is a wonderful luxury to have - a large bathroom with a sauna... Yes please!

Although, I must say this is my favorite room in the basement!  Sigh, {pause for daydreaming} how I would love to have a laundry room like this, wouldn't you?  

This is one of the bedrooms upstairs, isn't it adorable?  I love the colour combination!

This is the second bedroom, and I have to tell you that the area rug was the most plush and feet-pleasing thing I have ever walked on!  It is The Pebble Rug from West Elm, and I recommend everyone runs out and buys one now for their bedroom... What a great way to start your morning {happy feet}!

This is the beautiful main bathroom, and just outside of it as you can see, is a stackable washer and dryer for quick washes - what a great idea!

And this is the master bedroom of course, and rather than having a closet, they have installed a series of built-ins within a dressing room type of area.  Personally, I love the idea and the look.  What do you think?

The master bathroom is stunning!  And see that image on the mirror in the first photo?  It is a tv, so you can watch the news in the morning as you are getting ready - how fun!  The only thing this bathroom needs is an Eileen Gray Table next to the tub to rest my wine glass and candle on... Perfection!
To purchase a ticket to win this amazing Oakville home please visit www.helpconquercancer.ca and even if you don't win the house, your money will be going to a good cause.
Good Luck!


  1. thanks for this photo tour I'm going on saturday! Can't wait to see it now!

  2. The house is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the whole tour Staci. I don't even think I can pick one favorite feature. Love the kitchen (though agree with you, it's a little dark for my taste), and in the basement the laundry room and the bathroom with the sauna are incredible as well.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Staci! I was a bit surprised with a few of the choices here - that kitchen would feel oppressive to me- but overall it is, of course, beautiful. I love the master suite and that saucy turquoise bedroom!

  4. great great pics stacey! it looks amazing! so wish i could see it. we don't do this in vancouver. loved the same things as you ... kitchen dark but looks amazing! and i would kill for a laundry room like that!

  5. Wow! What a home! I think my favourite room is the kitchen. Although I wouldn't necessarily go with blue cabinetry, it is pretty stunning! And I like how they used some more inexpensive items to decorate the rooms like the Pebble Rug from West Elm - good to know it's comfy!

  6. For some reason, I'm not loving this house. I can't quite put my finger on it.... it could definitely use more colour, and I think it needs more character. Of course, being in it in real life, you probably get a whole different vibe than you get from pictures.

    I do love the huge window above the sink in the kitchen and the black doors in the sunroom. Too bad all the doors in the house aren't painted black.

    Thanks for the tour, and good luck if you buy a ticket!!


  7. I want that dressing room! Thanks for the tour, Staci!! I just love showhomes, we're not in the market to buy right now, but sometimes I like to go just for design inspiration!

  8. Thank you for the tour. I enjoyed that. I too find the kitchen dark and oppressive. I love that marble top vanity with the nickel legs!

  9. So glad that you enjoyed the showhome! We've posted a link to your blog on our showhome buzz page: http://www.houseandhome.com/showhome/buzz

    Lisa Murphy

  10. Thanks for the tour. I love that pebble rug from west elm and think i will have to add that to my wish list. Like all the others, I agree with you on the kitchen, lovely but too dark but, I'm a white kitchen kind of girl, at least white uppers and dark lowers. Love the built ins in the master as well.

  11. Great photos! I agree with the others on the kitchen...its nice but just too dark for me. I like more bright colors in a kitchen.


Oodles of thanks for the comment!