{Happy Weekend}

"Be like a duck, calm on the surface, but paddling like the dickens underneath." - Michael Caine

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Thank goodness it's a long weekend!  I plan to have some fun {of course}, but also taking life a little more seriously than I tend to on weekends and will be catching up on some work and around the house stuff.  You know, all of the stuff no one ever wants to do.  I'd like to cross things off the old {really should do, but don't want to} to do list.  Mentally I have to be totally prepped and starting fresh for fall by having nothing on my to do list {excluding long term plans or large projects of course}... I'm assuming it relates to school days from when I was a child.  Does anyone else still feel that way?  Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend whether you spend it relaxing, paddling like the dickens, or like in my case - both.


  1. Wow! crossing everything off your to-do list?? I feel that way often, however I don't think I've EVER done that! Good luck and have a great long weekend Staci!

  2. I have a serious cleaning weekend ahead of me. I find it never gets done in the summer because there is always other (and better!) stuff going on. But I will be heading to the cottage on Sunday, so a little bit of both like you. Hope you get a bunch of tasks crossed off!

    P.S. Great quote!

  3. me too! I've got a long list of cleaning and organizing on my list this weekend. You're so right it must relate to school days as a child to start fresh. I was wondering where this instinct to purge was coming from.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love crossing things off my to do list, it is so rewarding! Have a great weekend!

  5. there is definitely something about September that does it to me...I start looking inside my home and want to tackle it all! hope you were successful this weekend...love the Michael Caine quote!


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