{Christina Aguilera's House}

I was out for my run yesterday with my ipod turned way up {as usual}, when Christina Aguilera came on and it got me to thinking about her house.  I saw her home a while back featured in In Style Magazine, and though it was fun, I think it is way too over the top!  But I'll let you judge for yourself...

Okay, now I will admit I would love to have that shoe collection and the wonderful shelving unit that houses them, but other than that - it's way too much for me {although, it is very neat to see}.  I can appreciate that other people are very much into opulence and glamour {which is why I shared this home with you all}, much like Christina - Are you a glamour gal?
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  1. It doesn't seem real. Rather like she set it all up to match her image. I would think she feels like she goes from one stage to another with this house. Definitley not my cup of tea, but I did enjoy seeing it.

  2. Very strange house...I agre with Razmataz that it doesn't seem real but rather all staged. Either way, what an unusual design style. The colour combination is very surreal.
    Thanks for sharing, Staci.

  3. Oh my goodness, if that moon thing was in my room, I would be totally freaked out! It would give me nightmares!!

    Waaaaaaaay too much glamour (weirdness) for me!

  4. It would be like living in "candy" land or something. Way way tooooooo over the top. Get a real job! hahaha must admit tho, I would LOVE me a closet like that :)

  5. Whoa. There is so much to look at! I guess I wouldn't expect Christina Aguilera to be a minimalist, haha.

    I CAN get on board with that shoe storage!! wow.

  6. It definitely does not surprise me that her house would look like this. It just seems to scream Christina Aguilera to me (and I guess to her too...)

    Personally, a house that busy would probably give me some sort of nervous break down, but I have to agree the shoe collection/storage is awesome, and it is an interesting house to look at.

    Thanks for sharing Staci!

  7. I'm a bit of a glamour girl, but this is way to OTT for me!! I've never seen a pool table with pink felt before -- that's kinda cool. And I like the colourful rug in the games room. But the rest... not so much!!



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