{30 Things, Before 30}

My 29th birthday is fast approaching... Okay, fine... My 30th birthday is fast approaching!  A while back on Hello Splendor I saw Beth had blogged about her 30 Before 30 list, and I thought that was a very fun idea, so I'm borrowing it!
I love reading blogs that allow readers to get to know the bloggers, I feel it makes it more personal, and inspiring to the lives of others.  Don't you think?  I mean, without reading about Beth at Hello Splendor doing her 30 Before 30, I probably would not be doing my
list - and just look at all of the fun I may have missed...

  1. Complete 3 random acts of kindness.
  2. Have at least one relaxing bubble bath a month.
  3. Attend a movie at the theater alone.
  4. Surprise Adam with a romantic evening at home.
  5. Inspire at least 5 others to make their own "X Before X" list.
  6. Use my sewing machine to make something.
  7. Make a list of 30 things to look forward to about my 30’s.
  8. Have one game night per month with Adam and the kids.
  9. Knit a scarf.
  10. Complete some form of public speaking.
  11. See a play. {Scheduled for December 23rd}
  12. Have a nice breakfast with Adam and the kids every Sunday they are here {we usually have them every other weekend}.
  13. Visit a museum or art gallery.
  14. Watch the sunrise at the lake with Adam.
  15. Spend a day taking photos.
  16. Complete a DIY project.
  17. Read a nonfiction book.
  18. Run a 5k charity event.
  19. Volunteer at a local charity.
  20. Make and enjoy root beer floats with Adam and the kids.
  21. Spend a full day with my Mum.
  22. Try 2 new recipes from each cookbook I own.
  23. Have a Wii tournament day with Adam and the kids.
  24. Watch a French movie with subtitles.
  25. Treat myself to a mani and pedi. {Scheduled on the afternoon of my birthday} 
  26. Switch to all eco-friendly cleaning products.
  27. Unplug for one full day, every other week.
  28. Take painting classes.
  29. Take public transportation downtown Toronto and spend the day in the city.
  30. Bake myself a pretty birthday cake from scratch. 
As you can see I made sure my list had nothing relating to business, and that it wasn't all about getting new shoes and designer bags - it was important for me to keep it happy and simple.  I'm excited!  I have exactly 3 months to do all of these things, as my birthday is on December 15th.  I may not blog about everything, but I will blog about the interesting stuff as I go, and the above list will be updated as I go as well {the stuff crossed out are things I have completed, and the stuff highlighted are things I have started but take a while to complete}.  I'm so anxious to start my list that I have already signed up for a painting class, I start next week, and I cannot wait!  What would something be on your list of things to do before milestone birthday? And if I have inspired one of you to do your own list, I would love to know {see # 5 on the list} so please leave a comment or email me.  And of course, I would like to say thank you to Beth from Hello Splendor for inspiring me to do my list, how wonderful!


  1. You have inspired me Staci!!! I want to start my own list. I have 2 1/2 years to go, but that means I can get a lot of stuff done, right?

  2. Beautiful post. I'll borrow your idea when my time comes...soon. ;)

  3. You're so cute, Staci :) I love your list. You can count me in for #5. I will make a list of my own and do my very best to stick to it! I have an "unwritten" list but that's no good...what's the use of a list if it's not in black and white (and if you can't be held accountable to it).

    Looking forward to meeting you tonight at the Courage to Lead event.

    Thanks for the fab post.

  4. WOW.. what a lovely list! i hope you get to do them all...ahhhhhhhh 30 ... I remember it well! LOL good luck kiddo!

  5. Great list and they all seem so doable! Yes, you have to write them down or they tend to get forgotten. Good luck!

  6. *Sigh* Too late for 30 Before 30 for me. Waaaahhhhh!!!!! Can't even do 40 Before 40 -- OMG, how did I get so old!?!?!

    I think your list sounds fun and totally do-able. Enjoy completing your 30 Before 30 :-)


  7. I would love to do a list like this...however, my 30th is ONLY 2 WEEKS away! Maybe I should do a 31 things to do before I'm 31!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!