{More Eye Candy}

I came across some photos of Sarah Dorio sometime ago, and I am so happy I did!  Some of the interiors she has photographed are absolutely stunning, and I just had to share them with you...

Can you believe this room?  I would love to have ceilings that high, and don't even get me started on the windows!

As much as I fall for the look of white rooms, I really do enjoy all of the black in this one!  {Interior Design Tip: My favorite colour black paint to use is Black Beauty 2128-10 by Benjamin Moore, it is black, yet still soft.}

I have canopy chairs on my wish list, and I am really liking the sleek look of the squared off and shallow tops to these ones!

I think this maybe my favorite room, I simply cannot get enough of this blue, green and greige colour combination!  Or maybe it's my attempt to hang onto fun, fresh, summer colour for as long as I can because I feel fall in the air.

And if I were to have a daughter {stay calm Mum, I don't mean anytime soon - sorry} I would adore a nursery something like this!  Although, I once heard {via Tommy on twitter} that Sarah Richardson's daughter came into her room crying, saying "Mommy!  My room has no colour!"...  So perhaps adding more colour could help avoid tears down the road.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed todays beautiful eye candy!  Do you have a favorite room?


  1. I love that blue slipper chair! Oh god I love that blue chair...and the black wall paint. Sexy.

  2. Oh these are quite beautiful!! And that nursery is just gorgeous!

  3. I love all these rooms! And thanks for the tip on the black colour you like. I eventually want to paint a wall in my son's room black, so that is perfect! And cute tidbit on Sarah Richardson's daughter. I agree with her though - I like some colour in a kids bedroom. Great post!

  4. I love all these rooms!! Especially the one with those canopy chairs - swoon!!

  5. Wow, beautiful! Those all-white rooms are enough to make you want to take everything out of your house, whitewash it all and bring in lots of mirror! xo

  6. I've seen her work and she's great. I adore the first image! Very beautiful.

  7. I love the black dining room. I wish I could be that brave with black!! And the chairs are great :-)



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