{J'adore Tea Sets}

I love tea sets!  Every time I see one I want to buy it, but I don't own one.  Sad, no?  I think my main problem with getting a tea set is finding one that is not too girly, because when I have people for tea, men are usually present {Adam's family and mine are both from England, so we do a lot of tea drinking}, and I would hate for the guys to have to drink out of a little pink floral tea cup {mostly because they would complain about having to do so}.  And this leads me to today's J'adore post... I have good news, and I have bad news - I'll start with the good news first... Recently, I found the most perfect line of very cool tea sets from British Product Designer, Christine Misiak...

Are these not the best tea sets ever?  I think the kelly green set is my favorite, although I would have to have the tray that comes with the black set!  And the great thing about Christine's work is that she reuses pieces from old, no longer loved tea sets, and brings them back to life!  And now for the bad news... Sadly, there are two problems with these perfect tea sets: one - they do not have matching cups {I would want matching cups, wouldn't you?}, and two - they are not available for purchase.  Sigh.  These were designed by Christine Misiak a few years ago for a school project, and have not yet been manufactured for resale.  I say hurry up Christine {and design some cups too please}, I would love to add one of these sets to my home, I have the perfect corner in my dining room just waiting to display these stunning pieces! 


  1. Oh my gosh - these are so beautiful! My family are all tea drinkers too. I'm sure she would have a lot of interest if she decided to sell them.

  2. J'adore! They are fantastic and actually have the perfect client for the orange set! Who knew?

    Love love love your blog... thanks for all the amazing images you post... very inspirational!

    elle design

  3. I love them!! Very different and not your "typical" tea set. I really like that black set.

    Thanks for sharing!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!