{Happy Weekend}

"Love is being stupid together" - Paul Valery

I just love this photo of Charles and Ray Eames!  I have been wanting to use it forever, and this quote is a perfect match.  I am looking forward to a very non-eventful, but sure to be fun {and possibly a little stupid}, weekend at home with Adam.  We really have nothing planned, but I think that's usually the best way to start a weekend, don't you?  I'm sure I will catch up on reading blogs and mags during the day, and then do some great dinners with some nice wine in the evenings.  What are your plans for one of the last weekends of summer?


  1. Love that pic! The couple that laughs together stays together, or something like that :) Hope you have a lovely weekend, we are going to two bbqs with great friends..packing in as much summer as possible :)

  2. That is a great picture!

    Your weekend sounds lovely. I love "nothing" weekends. Unfortunately I have a "something" weekend - a wedding on Saturday, but it's the last of the this year (we had 5 just in the summer!), so I'm happy!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great picture and quote. So true.
    I plan to have some fun with my "together" this weekend :)


  4. I'm at the cottage for what might be the last weekend for swimming. The lake is already colder than it was last weekend, and the cool nights aren't helping!!

    I'm also putting together some ideas for a decorating consultation on Tuesday :-)



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