{Cozy Up}

As I said in yesterdays post, I feel as though fall is in the air.  It has been much cooler in Oakville this week than it has been all summer, and the evenings are even cooler!  With fall around the corner I can't help but to think cozy, and to me nothing says cozy like this boutique resort called San Ysidro Ranch in California.

I love the private gardens and the quaint buildings on the property, it would be a perfect spot for a romantic stroll just before sunset.

Then to the pool outside of your own private cottage for a quick swim, followed by wine and appetizers.

Then to dinner {hopefully getting a spot by the fireplace} to enjoy the crisp fall night.

Then back to the private cottage to cozy up!  This one is called "The Kennedy Cottage" because it was where Jack and Jackie spent part of their honeymoon in 1953, and you can rent it today for the bargain price of $2,995 per night!  It is a very popular spot for stars such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez who are rumored to have stayed here for their honeymoons as well.  Stars or no stars, I think it is a lovely and romantic place to cozy up for fall, how about you?   


  1. Um, yes please! This place looks SO cozy!

  2. Would everyone PLEASE stop wishing the last days of summer away???? LOL, I've never noticed so many people saying they're ready for fall before. It must have been a REALLY hot summer in the east....But us poor folk in the west didn't even get started until July ;-( ...but YES, it's beautiful, but NO, not quite yet...hahaha

  3. very beautiful I love these pictures....loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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