{Stellar Wine Cellars}

Yesterday I came across an image that I saved from an email sent to me forever ago of this very cool wine cellar...

This obviously inspired me to do some more research on sleek and unique wine cellars, and the first place I went to search was Houzz, and sure enough this image was there too!  Funny.  Needless to say I found some more stellar wine cellars to share with you, so here goes...

Cool right?  This is a very modern yet organic space, ideal for relaxing with friends while sipping {local} wines!

While this one is not way out there and super unique, the back lighting adds a super cool factor to this cellar.  Classic with a bit of twinkle, I like it!

I would love to host parties in this space, although I'm sure I'd need to add a little more glam and shine  by replacing the main light fixture with an over the top chandelier!  

And speaking of shine, how great is this wine fridge?  Mmm hmm... I could handle having a wine bar in my home like this one {although I would probably get way less blogging done}, fun!  I hope you enjoyed the stellar cellars, which is your fav?  


  1. That first wine cellar is insane!! Right through the floor?? And the other ones are amazing too. You would have to have a pretty snazzy house to have cellars like those! Very cool!

  2. these are so cool. top one is stunning, but I think last one is my style.....so much wine, so little time! LOL

  3. Oh wow what a fun post! I love the second last image - the BatCave of wine cellars! Yes please!

    Great job, as always, BFF-blog! :)


  4. Thanks for the tip Staci! You will be happy to know that I am going to do the best "A House Is Not A Home...Without Craigslist" office edition next week!

  5. Hi Staci, what a great post. Very interesting.
    I saw your comment in my blog, so I came to say hi. I really like your blog.
    Thank you,


  6. That first wine cellar is simply AMAZING! So unique. Love your blog Staci! Thank you for checking out mine! :)

  7. Oh wow! I'm not even a big wine drinker, but this is enough to make me collect it!

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  8. I love that last picture! How fabulous!

  9. I dream of having my own wine cellar...

  10. No Way! The first pic of the wine cellar is so James Bond! I want one! Great post!


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