{Oh Canada}

Today I will post great Canadian things in honour of Canada Day!  I will stay away from the well known designers like Frank Gehry and Klaus Nienkamper in hopes to learn new things about Canada.

This is a wool area rug designed by Eric Mathew for Source UK in Toronto, I think it would look pretty great in a cottage to add a sense of whimsy!

No, no we cannot take credit for the Ghost Chair design, but without the invention of plexiglas we would not have this beautiful chair.  And yes, plexiglas was invented by a Canadian named William Chalmers in 1931 who was a chemistry student at McGill University!

My favorite jackets are made by a local Toronto label called Smythe, and if you have never heard of them you must, must, must check them out!  Their jackets are stunningly beautiful and modern in design but they are inspired by old fashions so they are a classic piece that will be stylish for years to come.   And a fun fact is they are designed by Tommy (as in Sarah Richardson's Tommy) Smythe's sister Christie! 

This lovely rustic frame called "Barkley" was deigned for Umbra by Toronto Product Designer Michelle Ivankovic, using a mold made from real tree bark.  It's a great way to add an organic touch to any home!

Canadian designer Karim Rashid's Kloud Chair was inspired by fluid, soft forms found in nature... In Canadian nature.  

The Blue Fin Restaurant may be in New York City's W Hotel, but it was designed by Glenn Pushelburg and George Yabu a Toronto based design duo recognized world wide for their luxurious interiors.  They are rumoured to bill up to $3 million dollars for their designs!

One of the most popular drinks worldwide was actually invented in Canada!  Yep, it's the Caesar, yum!
Well, I hope you managed to learn a little about Canada, I know I did.  I also hope that all of my fellow Canucks have a chance to celebrate with a BBQ and some fireworks tonight! 
Happy Canada Day!


  1. Great Canadian post :-) I had no idea plexiglass was invented by a Canadian. Love the rug and the tartan jacket :-)



  2. Yes I did learn alot! Great post. I did know that Sarah wears a lot of jackets by this company but hadn't checked out their website until now.


Oodles of thanks for the comment!