{J'adore Reisenthel}

I absolutely adore products by Reisenthel!  They are great for the environment as they help to eliminate the use of plastic bags, and they are super stylish... What more could a gal want?

This is the shopping basket that I have, and I can honestly say I get at least 2 compliments on it each time I'm in Whole Foods with it.  Cute right?  Here are a couple more products from Reisenthel that are on my wish list...

This bottle bag is great for picking up multiple bottles of wine from the LCBO or transporting them to the cottage, and it looks so sweet!

I am loving the print on this mini foldable shopping bag.  I do have a couple of the fold up bags in my purse, but none as cute as this one!  Sporting my cute polka dot basket helps to make grocery shopping a little more fun, so I'm sure the bottle bag and folding bag would add a little happiness to running errands as well.  I cannot wait to grab some more items from Reisenthel!  What do you take grocery shopping?
Happy Shopping!


  1. love these! I live in the city so having baskets like this are great for shopping at the farmers markets!

  2. my sister-in-law has one of those shopping picnic basket styles and loves it! great colors and prints too.


  3. You can never have too many cute foldable bags as far as I'm concerned – and that one is supercute!! Love the bottle bag, too! :) Laurie

  4. these are great!!Could be used for lots of things,Kathysue


Oodles of thanks for the comment!