{J'adore Zettel'z 5}

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I'm switching things up a bit and starting my weeks off with my "J'adore" pick, therefore leaving the juicier posts for as the week goes on!  This week's J'adore pick is the Zettel'z 5 Chandelier by Ingo Maurer.

I absolutely love the look of this piece, and cannot wait until I have one as it has been on my wish list for years!  

It seems like such a simple concept, replacing traditional chandelier crystals with paper clipped on with binder clips, which makes it an amazing concept.  I love how something so simple can be so beautiful!

Scribbled on the paper are little romantic notes, my Italian is lacking, but I would imagine this says something beautiful!  Can anyone translate?  Well, I hope you enjoyed my J'adore pick for this week, and I would still enjoy hearing about your favorite pieces, so feel free to drop me a line.
Happy Monday!  


  1. It has been on my wish list for years too! Ever since I saw a tour of Sarah Richardson's house and she had it above her staircase!

  2. I love it. It's a great piece and is quickly becoming a modern "classic".

  3. I just discovered your blog through {tig} and I love it - it's so pretty. Will definitely be following from now on, and would be great to see you at mine sometime.

    Andrea X


  4. Really pretty piece.

    The note you have pictured there is actually written in Italian, I got a friend of mine to translates it for you:

    "My love, my love,
    As always,
    I want to shower you
    with flowers and insults."

  5. Have always loved yellow and love these images!

  6. I love this light fixture. Even more so now that the Italian has been translated!

  7. the cost of the paper clip chandalier is???


Oodles of thanks for the comment!