{J'adore Piero Fornasetti}

I cannot tell you how often I see Piero Fornasetti's designs and think "wow" - what a talented man!  Fornasetti was a painter, sculptor, interior designer and creator of over 11,000 items, amazing.  My favorite pieces are his iconic face plates from his Themes and Variations Collection, which I will feature today!

Who is this woman you ask?  Well she is Opera Singer Lina Cavalieri.  And why would Fornasetti create over 500 variations of this woman's face you ask?  His answer: "I don't know, I started to make them and I just never stopped."  

Here is Fornasetti with his Theme and Variation Collection of plates in 1961.  Talk about being ahead of his time!  These plates are very contemporary for being created back then.  

One day I hope to have a small collection of my favorites in my kitchen like shown here.  I think they are a great way to add whimsy and humor to any space!  I'd love to hear which are your favorites, so start dishing! 
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