{A Burst Of Freshness}

I'm feeling in need of a little burst of freshness to help kick start my day, how about you?  I figure these delightful images from Palmer Weiss, a San Francisco based Interior Designer, will help freshen things up!

Loving this breakfast nook, I would imagine she took inspiration from the stunning artwork, it all works together so beautifully!  Does anyone know who the artist is?  I could handle having a little of that in my home one day!

Notice the artwork above the fire place, it looks to be the same artist! This time Palmer used the blue as her main inspiration and kept yellow as an accent to keep a nice flow between rooms. 

More yellow and blue, I am assuming this is still the same home, either way I'm very fond of the shape of that darling headboard!

Blue and orange is my favorite complimentary colour combination!  I really have a soft spot for any room with this colour combo, and the zebra rug is like adding a cherry on top!  Don't you adore this room?  

What a charming little reading nook!  The chair is definitely the statement piece here and I like how the green accent trim on the curtain panels and valance really compliment it.  So, are you all refreshed, feeling happy, and ready to tackle your Tuesday?  I know I am!
PS - I emailed Palmer Weiss to inquire about the art work, seeing as so many of us wanted to know!  The lovely photos are by Slim Aarons, click HERE to view more of his work.


  1. I love that breakfast nook! If you ever find out the name of that artist, please share!

  2. Not sure if I'm refreshed and ready to tackle Tuesday, but I definitely love these pretty rooms :-) The living room with the zebra rug is my favourite, and the reading nook is really charming :-)

    Sorry, I don't know the name of the artist. Why not e-mail Palmer Weiss and ask her?? :-)


  3. Hi Staci, Love your blog and this is a very fresh and sunny post, it makes me smile. thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!! Happy Tuesday,Kathysue

  4. Palmer's rooms really are lovely and refreshing, hey? What I love most, though... Palmer's choice in fabric. LUV! The banquette, the headboard, the chair & ottoman are made so much more special with fabulous fabrics!! The other rooms = pillows and drapery = wonderful!! Of course her use of colour is terrific too. Like you, I'm loving the orange and blue!!

    Happy you liked my ResinArt project!

  5. Staci, such beautiful colours! what gorgeous rooms! LOVE those fresh colours....

  6. I love all the yellow. And I just posted about orange and blue yesterday. :) I'm just loving that combo right now.

  7. Just thought i'd pop over and say hello! Love the first photo, it's gorgeous! The artwork is stunning, I would love to know who the artist is too!


  8. I love the reading nook! I could stay in that room for hours with a good book!

  9. Her portfolio is such a crowd pleaser :) The colors and pattern play are perfection! Have a lovely weekend, Staci!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!