I just want to let you all know, that I take requests.  If there is an upcoming project that you want inspiration for I would be more than happy to help you gather some ideas!
All you have to do is post a comment or send me an email (through my website) letting me know what you want me to write about, and I promise to do my best to meet your request!  Tomorrow I will post an entry on walk-in closets, because my cousin is in need of some ideas for her upcoming closet makeover.  I love walk-in closets, and I have beautiful ones in mind that I will be showing!  Stay tuned, and keep in touch!

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  1. I could really used some tips on accessorizing. I'm pretty good at putting a room together, but when it gets down to the final touches, I'm at a loss. Tips on the scale of accessories to use and how to group them together would be really helpful :-)



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