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I am currently cozied up on my sofa with my french doors wide open, watching and listening to the rain as it pours down here in Oakville.  It reminds me of a cute quote that I once came across, and now I cannot remember who said it, so sorry for no giving any credit, but it says... "Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain."  How sweet!  I don't mind the rain myself, and I love how everything is after a fresh fall, it's like the world is cleansed and refreshed.  I find the rain inspiring!

And speaking of inspiration, there is nothing like Vicente Wolf's interiors to get the creative ideas flowing, so I have decided to focus on Wolf's Midtown Manhattan Loft today!

Talk about fresh!  I love the way the light bounces around this room because of the great flooring and crisp white walls.

Wolf is well known for traveling the world for inspiration and picking up unique pieces along the way.  I'm assuming these chairs and photos are from his travels, and I adore how he has displayed them, it creates much more interest than a wall of photos, or a bunch of chairs around a room.  And I love the tension that the dark, bold art piece creates by being surrounded by white.  Striking.

By placing the bed on an angle and off the wall he created visual interest to the room, as he has done throughout the loft.  By focusing on the grouping of furniture and what works rather than just putting everything against a wall the spaces not only function better, but they are usually more visually appealing too.  I also like how he added a wall behind the bed to add height in the space and to help the bed to feel important... genius.

Well, I'm happy!  I've got my fill of an inspiring interior for the day, how about you?  If you need more just click on the links to Vicente Wolf's website and browse around.  Or you can always find happiness by dancing in the rain! 
Chat soon!

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