{Pretty Organized Closets}

Ahhhh, the dressing room... every woman's dream.  I do not have one, although I do have a set of his and hers closets so I do get my own which is great.  Today I will be posting beautiful dressing rooms and walk-in closets, along with tips to keep them organized and looking fab!

One easy way to keep your dressing room looking organized it to have everything hidden behind closed doors like this one.  It still looks cute and fun due to the bold carpet, zebra print seating, and fresh flowers!

Here is a walk-in with open shelving and hang bars, with closets like this maintenance is key.  I like to keep common items grouped together as they have done here, so tops with tops, bottoms with bottoms, etc.  I also group types together so for example in my "bottoms" section I have skirts, shorts, capris, dress pants, active pants, and jeans sections.  Within those sections I organize by colour as well, and hang items from light to dark.  Does that make sense?  Sorry if I lost you, but if you get the system and stick to it, it makes life easy. 

I love the pendant lights in this one!  If you have the room to add an island in the middle of your closet go for it.  You can use it for drawer storage as they have done here, or you can install shelving for shoes.  Either way it gives a great surface for accessorizing and adding personality to the space!

Speaking of personality... How sweet it this dressing area!?!  Of course this area was styled for the photo, but there are a lot of things you can use to keep your closet looking this cute too!  You can add a chandelier to your closet along with an upholstered chair and side tables with flowers for a feminine touch.  Adding hooks to the front of the shelving to front face your favorite pieces is a great way to add  visual interest.  Using decorative boxes to store small items is a great way to hide visual clutter.

This is the closet of Kelly Wearstler who is not only a very well known designer, but she also makes Vouge's best dressed list often, so if there is anyone who knows dressing rooms... It's Kelly!  An idea in this closet that I love is she has 3 large separate pullout compartments (on the right closest to the mirror) for laundry - lights, darks, and dry cleaning.  Oh, if only I had the room!   And of course a full length mirror is a must, it also helps to make the space look larger and reflects light from that beautiful window on the other side.

This is an amazing idea, and I actually implemented it into my own closet recently!  In groves she places sheets of plexi-glass that are removable, so that different sized compartments can be created to store different sized handbags.  This way it keeps the bags from getting crushed, and when you pull one out they don't all fall down.  Genius! 

Shallow drawers are ideal to use for accessories and these ones are lined with velvet to protect jewelry and it adds a sense of richness!  Another way to add personality to the insides of drawers while keeping them organized is to use pretty storage boxes, or even vintage dishes or tea cups you find at flea markets!  
Well, for all of you who are lucky enough to have walk-in closets and dressing rooms, I hope this has inspired you!
Happy organizing!  


  1. what i would do for kelly wearstler's closet! (and the clothes of course!)

  2. I dream of having a closet or dressing room as beautiful as these!

  3. Goodness Gracious!!! These closets are to die for! I have to stop looking otherwise, I'll lament at my own closet. Albeit new and terribly expensive...Italians don't do great closets.



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