{The Parker Palm Springs}

Speaking of Mr. Jonathan Adler, he was the one hired to do the most recent re-design at The Parker in Palm Springs, California.  It used to be the home of Gene Autry and now it is a unique hotel with beautiful grounds... and my favorite place to stay, so I thought I'd share it with you!

See?  I told you... Beautiful grounds!  They have little nooks and crannies everywhere to insure all guests privacy if they require it, and it's very serene.

This is my favorite nook (or is it a cranny?) on the grounds, the outdoor fire pit surrounded by Butterfly Chairs.

Or maybe this hammock area is my favorite, it's a great spot to relax with a book and enjoy the blue Palm Springs skies!

Whether its night or day the pools are a great spot to relax, and the view is fabulous.

Okay, that's the last photo of the grounds I'll show you, it's just such a nice shot I had to.

Let's head inside, shall we...  Isn't this a fabulous screen block wall?  And yes, the bellmen always where pink!

These amazing orange doors lead you into the foyer.  The pink feather boa wreaths were used in place of standard Christmas wreaths, which totally suits the design of The Parker!  (And yes, as shocking as it is to us Canadians, that is what Palm Springs is like when we are knee deep in snow over the holidays!)

Here is the front desk, and I love that key!  They kind of have a key theme at The Parker, even your room key card has a key image on it... I'm assuming this was the inspiration for that.

Norma's outdoor patio is my favorite spot to eat.  They have the greatest breakfast smoothies, and the thickest (I'm guessing it's 3" thick) and most delicious french toast I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  Yum!

And the coolest spot to hang out inside is at the indoor fire pit and lounge area!  Seats fill up quickly during the winter evenings, so get there early if you can.  If you want something to nibble on while enjoying your cocktails I recommend the Sliders and the Tuna Tartar!  Yum again!

Now lets see the rooms!  Like many hotels they have different types and sizes of rooms, this is a door to one of their private villas, which are all named after movie stars!  Fun idea!

Here is the inside.  The ceilings in all of the rooms are covered in this lovely grass cloth, and the rooms also have great retro photos of all sorts of movie stars.  

Well, concludes my tour of The Parker, what did you think?  Please feel free to send me images or links of your favorite place to stay, I'm always looking for new places to visit and post!



  1. Ooooh, what a fabulous hotel!! The grounds are beautiful, and the inside is too!! Love the indoor fire pit in the lounge and the key on the wall behind the front desk :-)

    We like to stay at B&Bs when we travel. My very favourite B&B is St. Niklaas B&B in Bruges, Belgium. We also stayed at a fantastic B&B in Charlottetown, PEI on our honeymoon, the Elmwood Heritage Inn. And Tanque Verde Ranch near Tucson, Arizona is an amazing vacation spot for horse lovers :-)


  2. This is my favorite place to stay too! What a coincidence! lol

  3. yes really fabulous hotel, i wish someday i could visit this place.. i like there Outdoor Fire Pit area... very inviting..


Oodles of thanks for the comment!