{Style In One Picture Challenge}

There is a challenge going on at From The Right Bank to post one photo that captures your interior design style.  My goodness it is very hard to do!  I did my best and here is my style in one image...

Why do I love this room?  Well, first off... It is very light, bright, and white - I have a huge love for white right now!  Also, I love the shine that this room has because of the glass and silver details... Very glamourous!  I really enjoy anything that is tufted, like the beautiful banquette in the eating area.  My favorite part of this room is the Zettelz paper chandelier by Ingo Maurer, I have been wanting that light for about 6 years now.  Usually it is used in fairly modern spaces, but I love how it works in this room even though it is fairly classic in design. Yes, yes, yes... This is my style!  What is your style?  I'd love to know, if you're up to the challenge!
Chat soon!


  1. I love that room too -- so glamourous!! I've posted my challenge picture -- drop by and check it out :-)



  2. What a lovely space! Sarah Richardson does it again. I just love the palette and I've wanted that chandelier forever too. Thanks so mcuh for participating in my challenge!

  3. For being a monochromatic scheme this room has so much depth to it. I just discovered your blog through this challenge. I'll definitely be back.


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