{A Magnificent Addition}

Today I want to share with you a 19th century house in Greenwich, Connecticut with a magnificent modern addition completed by architect Allan Greenburg.

There is a beautiful relationship between the to sides of the home, even though one side is obviously a recent modern addition.  By not trying to match the addition with the existing house it allows both sides to have their own identity and importance, but by keeping everything white it maintains a harmonious look between both sides.

Greenburg created the steel and glass structure using large I beams to reflect the old Doric columns on the original house.  Also, the addition was inspired by Mies van der Rhoe... what a perfect inspiration! 

The interior space was designed by the very talented Victoria Hagan, and what a lovely job she did. The interior relates to the exterior architecture beautifully!

I would love to wake up in a room like this, talk about starting your day with a smile!  By keeping the room white, not only does it reflect the exterior of the home, but it allows the light to bounce around the space even more, and showcases the stunning architecture in its purest form.  Lovely.

And no stunning master bedroom is complete without an equally stunning master bathroom.  Talk about a sun filled room, the marble and mirror in this room reflect light everywhere! 
I hope you enjoyed this home as much as I did!  It helps us to see that mixing old and new can be a winning combination.  Whether it be a large addition to a home like this, or adding a flea market find into your contemporary home, it can be magnificent!  
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  1. Wow!! The addition is fabulous!! I absolutely LOVE the walls of windows. Just imagine all the amazing sunlight that must come flooding in!! It would be like you're sitting outside when you're inside :-)



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