{The Kerr Street Cafe}

So, I noticed I have been blogging a lot about great spaces, places, and things from all over the globe and not once have I touched on what's really important to me; little local businesses.  I always try to shop local to help the economy and environment, so I thought why don't I blog local?  So, I have decided to focus on local businesses that tickle my fancy at least once a month!  First up is the Kerr Street Cafe in Oakville located at 298 Kerr Street.

Owners Shaun and Alex recently open their doors of the cafe, but have been in the catering business for years, so they have had lots of experience perfecting their delicious recipes.  

The menu is small, but incredible, a small menu allows them to make sure everything is made to perfection.  My favorite items are the French Toast with Orange Butter and the Fish Taco with Guacamole... Oh and I have been known to pop in for a Brownie to go quite often... too often really!

They like to promote local businesses too, so all of the art that is displayed is from In 2 Art, an Oakville art gallery.  Also, they are powered by Bullfrog so they are being green which I think is fantastic!

I cannot forget to mention their amazing cappuccino, it's superb!  They have a large selection of warm drinks listed on a chalkboard as you walk in, and at the bottom it says "Hugs from Mark... Free" how cute!  I love that unique charm of little local spots, it's what makes them special and worth going to!

Of course I must touch on the decor... It's beautiful and has a warm, welcoming, Martha Stewart kind of feel to it!  My favorite touches are the butcher block counter tops, the open shelving to display dishes and glassware, and the fabulous oversized industrial pendants over the main counter.  It's a must see!
So, if you are in Oakville and craving a little nibble or a nice cuppa joe I recommend you pop into the Kerr Street Cafe, you will be happy you did!
Bon Appetit!

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