{J'adore Smock Paper}

This week for my "J'adore" pick I am sharing with you stationary from Smock Paper in Upstate New York.  They have eco-friendly stationary that is printed with a letterpress on luxury bamboo paper, which creates a look that's very charming!

So, if you would like to send someone a note to say hello...

Or to say Happy Birthday...

To let them know your birthday is coming up... (this reminds me that my next birthday celebration will be for the big three-oh. My how time flies!)

To let them know where to send your birthday card...

Or just to say thanks (maybe for the lovely birthday card they sent you!)... Consider doing it using stationary from Smock Paper These charming little cards and notes are enough to put a smile on anyone's face!
Happy writing!  

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  1. I love letterpress! Your blog is darling too. Keep up the great work.



Oodles of thanks for the comment!