{J'adore Sophie Cook}

I am going to start doing a "J'adore" pick of the week to highlight great items that I adore.  Please feel free to send me information on things you adore too, I love seeing new lovely things! 

The first set of items to be featured as my "J'adore" pick are these gorgeous porcelain bottles by the very talented British Ceramist Sophie Cook.  I love how she has managed to take an the old art of ceramic making and create such stunning contemporary pieces!  I hope to have this grouping on my fireplace mantel one day soon!  Celebrities such as Georgio Armani, Elton John and Jennifer Aniston have purchased Sophie's bottles to display in their own homes.  They range in price from 120 to 160 British pounds, plus taxes and shipping of course, for more information or to order go to www.sophiecook.com.

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  1. These porcelain bottles are definitely worth adoring!! There's actually something quite organic in their shape, and the colours of these particular bottles are fresh and on-trend!
    Victoria @ DesignTies


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