{Inspirational Master Bedrooms}

Why is it that we always leave decorating the master bedroom for the very last project?  Admit it, most of us are guilty of that... Myself included.  It's silly though, considering we spend one third of our lives sleeping, and therefore even more time in our bedrooms with getting ready and reading before bed etc.  Seeing as we start our day there and end our day there it should be the most beautiful room of all, so that we start and end our day with a smile!  So, for all of us who need a little inspiration for adding some beauty to our bedrooms, here are some master bedrooms by Sarah Richardson to get us in the mood!

I love this relaxing colour palette of soft greys and calm creams, definitely a space I could unwind in!

I really like this mirror!  I find that circles always add a happy and bubbly element to a space.  How fun!

Normally pictures are hung above the bed, but because of the slopped ceiling in this room that was not possible.  I feel artwork is required in every room, so hanging these prints on either side of the bed was a great idea!  It also allows the lamps to me moved to one side without looking off balance, while creating more space for the phone and flowers.

I love the oversized paisley pattern on this wallpaper from Cole & Son, its a great way to add a sense of life and movement to the space.  

By putting little pops of yellow throughout the space helps to keep a cohesive look for all areas within in the room, and tie the look together.

The glass buttons on this throw pillow are an unexpected touch, and a great way to add sparkle and elegance.

Here is that soothing grey colour palette again!  I love how the wall of sheers create almost an angelic glow as a backdrop to the room.  So serene.  The ottoman adds a touch of playfulness to the space which Sarah is known for.  What lovely rooms, dont you think?  I cannot wait to update mine!
Sweet Dreams!  

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