{Happy Sunday}

Ahhh Sundays, what a great day for relaxing, spending time with loved ones, and of course doing laundry with a little side of house cleaning.
If you're looking to add a little bit of cool to your laundry/cleaning day, then I have the perfect products for you!  BEE Environmentally Cleaning Products are by far the coolest eco friendly cleaners on the market, and they are made from all natural ingredients like coconut and sugar.  That makes me smile, and so does their very modern and cool packaging!

This is their selection of liquid laundry detergent.  It's super powerful, so it doesn't take much to wash a full washing machine, and it works well with cold water!

And for your delicates they have a line of even gentler detergents!

This is their whitener which is not only eco friendly, but because it's made of natural ingredients it is gentle on skin.  And with ingredients like essential lavender oils and bergamot leaves it smells divine!

They also have a great dishwashing liquid that is so powerful just one small squirt is required to do a whole sink full of dishes, this means one bottle will do 100 washes.  Also, it's made with spearmint to cool and refresh your skin as you wash!  

Last, but certainly not least they have a multi-surface cleaner that is safe to use even on food prep areas. It tackles grease in the kitchen and grime in the bathroom while leaving a fresh sent by using eucalyptus and spearmint!
Great stuff right?  The only problem is that it's only sold in New Zealand and Australia, so the rest of the world must order it on line HERE.  Maybe if we order enough they'll work on carrying it over on this side of the world to make it easier for us to add some cool to our laundry/cleaning days!
Happy Sunday Everyone!  

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