{Accessorizing Your Home}

When decorating a home, adding the finishing touches is always my favorite part!  So... when Kelly wrote in last week and requested I write about accessorizing a home, I was very happy to fulfill her request!  Accessorizing a home can be tricky to do for a lot of people, and it's not an easy thing to teach as there are really no set rules.  Today I'll share some tips and tricks that could be of use to you in the future when adding the finishing touches to your space.

I usually find that odd numbers work best when creating groupings. Like in this dining room they have 3 pieces of artwork grouped above the table and 3 containers of plants grouped on the table. And if you look in the background they have a picture, a plant, and a glass grouping... while the glasses make it much more than 3 items, the eye registers that area as having 3 groupings.  Does that make sense?  I hope so!  This is also a great photo to demonstrate appropriate scale and proportion.  As you can see above the dining table the artwork grouping is large in scale, because it's above a large table it works and feels balanced as they are in proportion.  However, if the large artwork grouping were placed above the small cabinet in the background it would look very top heavy as the cabinet is not large enough to support the visual weight of the large artwork grouping.  

Displaying a group of like objects is usually the easiest way to create a nice display like these glass pieces above.  To add some visual excitement and tension to the grouping an anomaly has been added, which is the white vase and flowers.  Again this display is using odd numbers - 5 glass pieces and 1 anomaly! 

Ensuring things are balanced is always important, but this does not mean that things on one side must be exactly the same as on the other.  Take a look at the tops of both side cabinets, the display groupings are not identical, but they are balanced because they are both glass and leaves.  Also, look below the television, on the right side there is a stack of books and on the left a ceramic piece of art... These are not even close to being the same thing, but they are of equal visual weight and basic size so they work.  I hope that makes sense!

You will want to be sure to add varying heights and shapes to your groupings to create visual interest and thus making the eye want to travel around the whole vignette. 

The greatest and most inexpensive way to accessorize is with common household items that you use, and these images are perfect examples.  As long as you style items correctly and keep them tidy you can create a good looking grouping out of anything from wrapping paper to pears!  Thanks for the great post idea Kelly!  And if anyone has any requests on what they'd like to see me post please let me know.
Happy accessorizing!

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