{Craving Colour}

I have noticed I'm posting a lot of white, because that's what I love... But what about you?

Well, if you are craving colour (or color for the Americans), and I'm sure some of you are, then here you go.  In my opinion nobody does colour like Interior Designer Jonathan Adler, so here are some of his bright interiors to satisfy anyone's thirst for colour!

This is the Barbie Malibu Dream House which Adler was commissioned to do by the toy company Mattel for Barbie's 50th Birthday.  It's a 3,500 square foot beach house in Malibu with an ocean view, what a great birthday gift that would be!

This is the country residence of Liz Lange of Liz Lange Maternity.  If there were a bright colour I would want for my space, it would be this cool, fresh aqua... It's so refreshing!

Or maybe I'd choose this soft, feminine pink... If Adam would ever agree to a pink room that is.  Either way this private New York residence is darling, especially the little girls room!

Well there you go, I hope you all have received your colour quench from this post, I know I sure have.

Chat soon!

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