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I spent a lot of my weekend out in the country at horse farms, and it reminded me of my childhood, as I spent most of my time at my aunt's horse farm working and riding.  I miss it.  There is just something about the country that makes me happy, even if it pouring with rain like it was this weekend!  Part of  me would like to live in the country, and if I were to have a farmhouse I would love for it to be a contemporary-country home like Sarah's farmhouse.  I know we've all seen it, but I'm sure we wouldn't mind seeing it again... I personally never tire of Sarah!

Located hours outside of the city on 50 scenic acres (which includes an apple orchard), it would be a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life!

I love the bright cheery entry, what a great space to welcome guests!

The kitchen is very country in feel while still maintaining Sarah's contemporary signature style.  The kitchen looks very custom and unique even though Ikea cabinets were used to keep within budget, this was done by simply spraying them custom colours and adding unique trim details and nice hardware.

Numbering the stairs looks cute and would be a great way to help little ones learn their numbers,  and painting a faux runner on the stairs is a great way to create the look of having a runner but keep the cost down!

I'm really glad Sarah chose to keep the red brick (that was once the exterior of the hose) exposed in the addition; red brick adds so much character in a space!

The living room was the main addition to the home, and it was done so well!  The vaulted ceiling with the large beam in the middle and the wood detail is my favorite part, again it helps to create country charm so it doesn't feel like an addition.

I have always wanted a bathroom where a painted claw foot tub would be appropriate!  How cute!

The guest room is so lovely, and with a house like this I'm pretty sure you'd need a few guest rooms because I'd imagine most family gatherings would be held here!

This boy's room is great, and the barn board ceiling really makes this room special!

The girl's room is very feminine, and guaranteed to be every little girl's dream room!

I have always believed that country homes should be bright and cheery, and that is definitely what this master bedroom is all about!

What a great main family bathroom, it's spacious, functional, and beautiful!  Oh how I love this home!  Did you notice a few common elements throughout the home?  Most of the rooms have some sort of trim, wall, ceiling detail such as chair/plate rails, bead/barn board, or thick painted wood boards running around the room or on the ceiling.  This helps to add not only visual interest to the room, but it also adds texture and it's a great way to unify the rooms as they all have a common element.  Also, virtually all of the lighting and furniture pieces are unique and purchased from a second hand or antique store which is a great way make it seem like the pieces have matured with the home.  Yep, if I were to have a country home it would be like this!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love this house top to bottom!!! from the numbered stairs to all the light fixtures...beautiful...very rustic but country modern!!! Thanks Staci;) so many ideas are in my head now...

  2. I loved the farm house episodes and like you I never tire of Sarah..or Tommy!

  3. My favourite rooms in the cottage are the boy's & girl's bedrooms and the entry. Love the barn board ceiling in the boy's room and the colour scheme in the girl's room. And the red in the entry is so bright & cheery & welcoming :-) I also love the fabric-turned-wallpaper in the dining room. The strip of it around the top of the walls is the perfect touch of colour & pattern.



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