{Cool or Not So Cool}

I really am in love with this room!  I know, I know... It's not very practical.  But I just love it and think it has a cool factor about it!

(I cannot recall where I got these images from, sorry)
(if you know where these are from please let me know)
I wouldn't mind lounging on the floor to read or watch a little TV once an a while.  Or maybe it could be used as a sophisticated tween play zone for reading, video games and watching movies!  So what do you think?  Is it cool or nor so cool?


  1. Cool for sure :-) It looks like a great room to hang out and relax :-)


  2. cool! So bright and airy, I want lounge in there right now.

  3. I LOVE the way it looks but I've never been a floor layer, ever....would last very long before i was looking for a chair of some kind...LOL


Oodles of thanks for the comment!