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With the weekend fast approaching and my (hopefully winning) lottery ticket in hand I am dreaming of a future beach house for weekend getaways!  One beach house that makes me smile belongs to Meg Ryan, so I'm sharing it with you in hopes you love it as much as I do.

It's located in Martha's Vineyard on 7 acres with a breathtaking view... How relaxing!

I have always wanted a foyer large enough to have a table with a large arrangement of fresh flowers like this, what a lovely room to first greet your guests!

I love the whimsical touches throughout like the lighting and vintage "Flowers" sign above the dining room table, it really makes the home feel welcoming, lived in, and loved.

The master bedroom and ensuite are just lovely, what a great place to start and end a relaxing day! This home has so much character and charm and really reflect Meg's sweet personality... Just darling!  My fingers are crossed for a big lotto win and good luck to everyone else who has a ticket!  In the meantime it's always fun to dream!
Sweet Dreams!


  1. I love everything about this home too! Is it a big jackpot? Must get a ticket as well.

  2. Just wanted to mention that I added you to my blogroll:)

  3. I love her house!! I would die to have a house on MV or Nantucket, both are such beautiful places!

  4. I have been so inspired by her new Martha's Vineyard home!! Love it!! Great blog!! Best, Connie

  5. Hope you have the winning ticket and you find your perfect beach home :-) Although I guess you've already found it -- you'll just have to convince Meg Ryan to sell it to you!! ;-) I adore the black steel frame windows, and the bedroom is lovely. The dining room too. And the living room. OK, the whole house is lovely!! :-)

    Thanks for your comment with the best man's speech -- it's funny!! :-)



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