{Baby Nurseries}

I met a lovely lady yesterday who mentioned that she needed some inspiration for decorating a nursery for her little one who will be arriving soon!  So Janet, as promised here are some great nurseries, and I hope the rest of you enjoy these rooms too!

I like nurseries that parents actually enjoy being in!  This is a good example of how fun nurseries can still be mature.

This room just makes me smile!  How very girly and sweet!  Don't you think?

This was Sarah Richardson's daughter's nursery, she has probably grown out of it by now, but I bet she wishes she hadn't!  Adorable.

My favorite part is the Eames Elephant!  It was originally designed in 1945 and still looks great today... not to mention kids like it too!

I love the softness of this room with the bold printed carpet added for oomph!  Also, if you look closely the trunk of the tree on the wall is letters of the alphabet (upper and lowercase), what a great idea!  Thanks for the blog request Janet, nurseries are so much fun!  Any other readers having a little one soon (or just had one), if so what ideas do you have for your nurseries? 
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Hi Staci,
    These nurseries are lovely. I really enjoyed doing mine. Can't wait for baby number two so I can do it all over again!


Oodles of thanks for the comment!