{An Afternoon With Kimberley Seldon}

What a great afternoon I had!  I attended a small event in Oakville where I got to meet and chat with Interior Designer Kimberley Seldon!  Yes... THE Kimberley Seldon!

She is so very friendly and down to earth... not to mention a great speaker!  I would recommend that if you have an opportunity to meet her or see her speak; take it.  I learned a lot from her talk and she is very motivating as well.  It was an absolute delight to be there!  Thanks again Kimberly!

The event was regarding the launch of her new book (that's not even in stores yet!) called Business Of Design Part 1... there will be 2 in the series.  I now have my own autographed copy, and I am really looking forward to reading it, therefore I am typing this blog post way too quickly and will apologize in advance if it makes no sense!  I have flipped through the book and it looks very informative, so to all of the interior designers and interior decorators out there wanting a copy click HERE to purchase it online from Kimberley's website.  I'm sure we can all learn great things from such a successful and talented lady!  
Happy Learning!

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